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English-Taught Courses (ETC)

In recent years LMU has steadily extended the opportunities to study in English, especially with regard to structured doctoral programs and international master’s programs.

Individual Courses

In order to find individual courses taught in English, visit the LMU’s catalog of courses, known as the LSF Catalogue. Click on “English version” in the top right hand corner and choose “English” as “language of instruction.”

Master Programs

Generally, in order to study at the LMU, you need to have sufficient knowledge of German and prove German proficiency through an approved language certificate. The LMU does, however, offer some Master’s degree programs taught in English (sometimes in combination with other languages), for which no knowledge of German is necessary.

Application and admission consists of two processes:

  • Application to the office of the Master’s program you are interested in (academic admission).
    In order to prove that your qualifications are appropriate for that academic subject, you need to take additional exams, submit letters of motivation, or provide proof of additional language competency, for example. For detailed information on the application requirements, please contact the appropriate office of the Master's program.
  • Application to the LMU through the International Office (central admission).
    You also need to submit an application to the International Office, which is responsible for international students. The International Office will prove your previous diplomas and certificates in order to ensure that you are eligible to study at the LMU. For detailed information on admission requirements for international students please contact the International Office.

Bachelor Programs

LMU Munich offers a wide variety of Bachelor Programs but there are no programs taught entirely in English. Applicants have to prove sufficient knowledge of German language if they want to study at LMU.

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