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North America

LMU Liaison North America

Dr. Katja Simons
Executive Director
German University Alliance

In North America, LMU is represented by German University Alliance, our not-for profit organization founded in 2005 with offices in New York. It's mission is to strengthen and expand the academic bonds between LMU and students, scholars, scientists and universities in the United States of America and Canada. The liaison office, since April 2016 headed by Executive Director Dr. Katja Simons promotes the wide variety of educational and research opportunities at LMU and intends to foster scientific cooperation between LMU and American counterparts supporting the already existing projects and initiating new academic cooperation.

The office furthermore supports LMU’s student exchange programs in the U.S. and Canada and represents the university at study abroad fairs and international education conferences. The German University Alliance also helps students and alumni of LMU in setting up activities of various kinds in North America. LMU’s scientists and scholars are supported with – whenever possible – infrastructural help as well as in the acquisition and the transatlantic transfer of funding from U.S. foundations.

In 2010, the German University Alliance founded LMU’s North American alumni network Alumni Connect that gives alumni living far away from Munich the opportunity to meet, network and share their memories. More information about the German University Alliance:

LMU and the German University Alliance hold close ties to the following institutions:

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is represented on the German University Alliance Advisory Board. The Executive Director of the German University Alliance works very closely with the German Center for Research and Innovation New York and serves on its Advisory Boards.

Within the framework of LMU’s LMUexcellent strategy, the university has been deepening relationships with elite institutions in North America. Examples of these innovative forms of collaboration are the “LMU-UC Berkeley Research in the Humanities”  and the ”LMU-Harvard Young Scientists' Forum” initiatives.

Faculty / Student Exchange Programs: