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Mini Workshops

Within the framework of the Academic Cooperation Program with the University of California, Berkeley, funding is available for so-called “Mini Workshops” (small-scale, bilateral research workshops) conducted by researchers from LMU and UC Berkeley (UCB). It is meant to kick off funding for joint research projects.

Target group

Academic staff from faculties 9-14 who want to expand existing research contacts and/or investigate the potential for future cooperation. Funding of Mini Workshops for doctoral students is possible. Applications by PhD students need to be accompanied by letters of recommendation from faculty supervisors.

Funding details

Funding of up to €2,000 per person includes reimbursement for a stay of up to one month by LMU researchers at UCB and/or by UCB researchers at LMU Munich. One proposal can provide funding for up to two Mini Workshops (one each at LMU and UCB) with up to three researchers per workshop participating from each university.

  • Mini Workshop at UCB: Reimbursement for flight costs up to €1100 (economy class) as well as transfer to/from the airport and on-site, hotel costs up to €138 and a daily allowance of €42 (max.) per day.
  • Mini Workshop at LMU: Reimbursement for flight costs up to €1100 (economy class), accomodation up to €120 (higher rates are possible only in exceptional cases) as well as daily allowance of €17,20 per day. LMU researchers are asked to get in touch with their colleagues at UCB before handing in their application so they can organize their stay in regards to both content and timing of the workshop.


  • short outline of the research project (in English, max. 3 pages)
  • detailed budget

Applications for miniworkshops in 2019 should be received by September 10, 2018.
Please note: Funding is possible only until September 30, 2019.

The program is funded within the framework of "LMU-UCB Research in the Humanities" with appropriation from the third line of funding of the Excellence Initiative.

Overview of completed Mini Workshops


Dr. Anna Jakubowska
Tel. +49 89 / 2180-3972

Prof. Dr. Hans van Ess, Chairman of the Steering Committee