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LMU - China Academic Network (LMU-ChAN)


NETWORK GALLERIES: LMU-ChAN-History  *  Scientific Forum 2015  *  Scientific Forum 2016

From bilateral cooperation to LMU - China Academic Network

ScientificForum / © Hillmer - International OfficeWithin the last ten years, LMU Munich has established a wide range of contacts and collaborations with outstanding partners and leading research universities in China. As a continuation of this development LMU is now creating the LMU - China Academic Network.

LMU – 中国学术网 (LMU-ChAN) 从双边合作到 LMU – 中国学术网

Sino-German Collaboration / © ruskpp -
在过去十年间,慕尼黑大学 (LMU Munich) 与中国的杰出合作伙伴和领先研究型大学进行了广泛的接触和合作。
LMU – 中国学术网

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LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum

3rd LMU - ChAN Scientific Forum at LMU Munich, October 27 to 29, 2017

Collaboration and Exchange

Conferences, workshops, study, teaching and research exchange

The Project LMU - ChAN is co-financed by DAAD with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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