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3rd LMU - ChAN Scientific Forum at LMU Munich, October 27 to 29, 2017



The LMU – China Academic Network shows the successful collaboration between LMU and leading universities and educational institutions in China. A central element of the project is the annual Scientific Forum, which will take place for the third time in Munich from October 27 to 29 this year. Following the model of the first and second scientific forums in 2015 (at LMU in Munich) and 2016 (at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou) this year’s topics likewise include medicine & life sciences, humanities & social sciences as well as Physics and Environmental Sciences, which will be discussed in both plenary and workshop sessions. The goal of the annual conference is to further existing and to support the development of new research cooperations by providing a platform for subject-based exchange and interdisciplinary dialogues.

This was the ScientificForum 2015 at LMU in Munich

This was the ScientificForum 2016 at ZJU in Hangzhou

科学论坛 - 欢迎您的光临!

LMU - 中国学术网展示了LMU与中国顶尖大学和教育机构间的成功合作。本项目的一个中心元素是一年一度的科学论坛 - 今年的活动将在中国杭州举行并由浙江大学联合组织承办。延续了2015年11月在慕尼黑举办的第一届科学论坛的模式,本年度的科研议题仍聚焦于医学与生命科学,人文与社会科学以及物理与地球科学, 并且将以集体和分组研讨的形式展开。该论坛旨在通过提供基于学科的交换项目和跨学科研讨平台,促进现有的和支持新的研究合作。

The Project LMU - ChAN is co-financed by DAAD with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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