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LMU Family Service

An offer for LMU Munich employees*

What is the Family Service?

LMU wants to support its employees in making career and family compatible. Therefore, LMU is cooperating with „pme Familienservice GmbH“ (pme family service), a nationwide service provider operating within the field of child care. Qualified staff advise and assist in developing individual child care solutions.

You can download the information flyer (142 KB) for a quick overview.

What does the service include?

The search for an adequate child care solution might take a lot of time and need experience. Often parents lack the right contacts that lead to a quick and reliable solution. On the basis of individual consultation pme family service helps you to develop a child care solution which is tailored to your personal situation.

Available options are:

  • day care person (Tagespflegepersonen)
  • child care at home
  • child care in emergency situations (illness of the child, the regular care person or the parents)
  • babysitter
  • au pair (please note that an agency fee of 200€ applies for this option)
  • public and private nurseries or daycare facilities for children from 0-3 years (Kinderkrippe), for children from 3-6 years (Kindergarten) and after school care (Hort, usually connected to a school or kindergarten)
  • holiday programmes

In addition to personal consultation you can access several services (kita database for a search within a selected area, information on talks and chat consultation) via the LMU-specific pme portal "Mein Familienservice" (My Family Service). You can access it via LMU's portal for employees. Please note that you need your campus identifier to login.

At LMU, inhouse holiday programmes for children from 3-12 years are offered in cooperation with pme family service. The holiday programmes take place on Pentecost (Pfingsten) and during two weeks of summer holidays. In case Easter is during lecture time, there is usually an additional inhouse holiday programme. Parents have to pay a fee for the holiday programme (two thirds of the costs are covered by LMU). The announcements for the holiday programmes are sent via "Infodienst" and are listed on the Office for Equality and Inclusion's Website.

Backup child care (Münchner Kindl)

In emergency situations (e.g. illness of the regular care person or closing times of the regular care facility) you can use the backup facility "Münchner Kindl" of pme family service. Each family has an allowance of up to 30 backup days per calendar year. The costs are carried by LMU.

In the back up facilities of pme family service your children (from 0-12 years) can be looked after on short notice. Just give pme family service a call until 6pm the day before the back up is needed.

pme’s facilities have

  • long opening hours according to your needs,
  • holiday programmes,
  • qualified staff.

The back up facility „Münchner Kindl“ is located close to Marienplatz (Burgstr. 6, 80331 Munich).

Who is eligible to use pme family service and what are the costs?

All employees of LMU Munich who are listed as eligible* and who are looking for support in making career and family compatible can make use of consultation and placement services regarding child care.

The following services are free of charge for you (costs covered by LMU):

  • consultation and placement services
  • admission to pme family service lectures
  • 30 days of backup childcare per calendar year and family

You have to pay:

  • a charge for the placement of au pairs (200€)
  • a fee for the inhouse holiday programmes at LMU
  • the regular child care, e.g. babysitter, day care person or kindergarten
  • all other services of pme family service

What do I have to do to use the services?

In order to use pme’s services you need to fill out the certificate of eligibility (Berechtigungsschein) and get it signed and stamped by your supervisor or department. Please note that the certificate of eligibility is valid for 180 days from the date of issue. After expiry a new certificate of eligibility has to be submitted.

How can I contact pme Familienservice?

Monday – Friday, 9am - 4pm
pme Familienservice München
Theresienhöhe 13a
80339 Munich
Tel.: + 49 (0)89/544-794 0
Fax: + 49 (0)89/544-794 35

Toll-free hotline outside of office hours (for emergency child care)

Tel.: 0800 - 80 100 70 80

Contact person at LMU

Eva Harter and Alejandra Riedmiller
Office for Equality and Inclusion (Kontaktstelle für Gleichstellung und Inklusion)
Leopoldstrasse 3
80802 Munich
Tel.: + 49 (0)89/2180-5068
Office for Equality and Inclusion's website (German)


* All employees of LMU Munich are eligible to use pme family service as long as they are not explicitly excluded, the visiting professors and the postgraduate fellows at LMU. Excluded are student and graduate assistants, assistant lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte), apprentices as well as the in Art. 14 Abs. 2 BayUniKlinG listed groups of people except for professors and junior professors.

Responsible for content: Office for Equality and Inclusion