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Diversity Day at LMU Munich


As a signatory of the Charter for Diversity (Charta der Vielfalt), which was drafted on the initiative of a coalition of leading German business firms and the Federal Government, LMU acknowledges and values the range of diversity represented among its staff and its students. To draw public attention to its aims, one of the Charter’s provisions calls for an annual nationwide Action Day.

The motto chosen for this year’s events is “Diversity matters!”, and LMU will mark the occasion by holding its first Diversity Day. Its primary goals are to promote wider recognition of the potential of diversity and suggest ways in which it can be optimally accommodated and deployed in all sectors of the University – to the benefit of students, academics and administrative staff.

The event will take place on June 7th between 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM in the Main Building. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in LMU’s very first Diversity Day. At the many booths on the Info-Marktplatz, you can learn more about the measures instituted by LMU to foster the diversity of talents, experiences and perspectives represented among its students and staff. You can also attend a Panel Discussion with well-known speakers on the podium and visit Workshops designed to sharpen your awareness of the spectrum of issues encompassed by the topic of diversity. Among the other attractions are a wheelchair obstacle course and an art installation devoted to the day’s main theme.

The impact of a multiplicity of viewpoints and visions should never be underestimated – so we hope to see you too among the contributors to debates on questions such as What does the term ‘diversity’ mean to you? What can be done to make LMU even more diverse?

Panel Discussion: "Diversity matters"

10 – 11 AM, University Senate Chamber (Room E 110)

Opening Address: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Bernd Huber (President of LMU)


  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Conradt (Vice-President for Research and Diversity)
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heimlich (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University Representative of the Disabled)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Kocher (Faculty of Economics)
  • Prof. Dr. Julian Nida-Rümelin (Faculty of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Religion)
  • Anna Schaffelhuber (LMU student, Winner of Five Gold Medals at the Paralympics)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Wirsing (Vice-President for Teaching and Studies)

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Dieter Frey (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences)

The the panel discussion will be held in German.


10 AM – 2 PM, Atrium of the Main Building

  • Service Desk for Students with a Disability or Chronic Illness (Central Students’ Advisory Service)
  • Service Desk for Students with Children (Central Students’ Advisory Service)
  • Center for Leadership and People Management, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Project, Multiplier Project
  • Diversity Management (Central Students’ Advisory Service)
  • Equal Opportunities Officer for Non-Academic Personnel
  • Intercultural Service Desk for International Students
  • Institute for Music Education
  • Conflict Resolution Officer
  • Office for Equality and Inclusion
  • Personal Development and Further Education Services
  • Pme-Familienservice GmbH
  • LGBT Unit of the Students Representative Council (Studentenvertretung)
  • Student Services (Studentenwerk) Munich
  • University Women’s Representative
  • Liaison Officer for the Disabled at LMU

“We are LMU“

12 AM, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz

Get your LMU Diversity Day 2016 T-shirt and take part in “We are LMU!”

Workshops I

1 – 2 PM, University Senate Chamber (Room E 110)

Workshop 1: Roundtable Discussion on Diversity Issues
(Targeted to staff members and organized by the Office for Personal Development and Further Education)

Do you often wonder what our future will look like? What levels of migration can the country cope with? Will the millennials (Generation Y) do a better job of managing change? We will also be looking at the life of a young man who is disabled. Is he happy in spite of his handicap? We will consider topics like these and encourage you to view them from a different perspective.

Workshop 2: "Impeded and Obstructed" – An hour in the life of a handicapped student
(Targeted to students and organized by the Service Desk for Students with a Disability or Chronic Illness)

The Workshop is intended to give participants some idea of the challenges that handicapped persons face in their daily lives and of the barriers they encounter on campus. Participants are invited to experience for themselves what it feels like to have a visual impairment, the effects of a hearing impairment on the perception of conversations and other everyday sounds, the problems that can arise in moving about in a wheelchair, the impact of a chronic physical or mental illness, etc.

1 - 2 PM, University Senate Chamber (Room A 027)

Workshop 3: Studying with a child in tow – How do you do it?
(Targeted to Students and Organized by the Service Desk for Students with Children)

Our Workshop is addressed to students and prospective students who either have children or are expecting one, and it begins with a showing of our new film “Ein Studien(all)tag mit Kind an der LMU” (“An Ordinary Day (With My Child) at LMU”). This will be followed by a discussion of the difficult aspects of studying when one has children to look after. Together we hope to come up with proposed measures that would make life easier for students with parental responsibilities.

Workshops II

2 - 3 PM, University Senate Chamber (Room E 110)

Workshop 1: One, two or three? - Intercultural riddles
(Targeted to Students and Organized by the Intercultural Service Desk for International Students)

The Intercultural Service Desk for International Students will present an interactive Workshop for visitors to LMU’s Diversity Day. Inspired by the children’s quiz show “Eins, zwei oder drei” we have formulated a set of riddles, all of which are related to situations in which international students can find themselves. In each case, the audience can choose from three solutions, only one of which is correct. At the end of each round, we will explain the real issues behind the riddles and respond to questions. Each round lasts for about 20 minutes, and any number of participants can play.

Workshop 2: Envisioning Equality of Opportunity in a University Context
(Targeted to Students and Staff Members and Organized by the University’s Women’s Officer)

This Workshop is intended for all those who are interested in developing ideas relevant to issues of equality that arise in the context of universities. To provide a basis for subsequent sessions, the current state of affairs at LMU will be briefly sketched at the outset. Then small groups of participants will be asked to come up with their own visionary ideas, which can then be presented to all attendees. In the ensuing discussion, we will consider possible implementation strategies for ideas that could contribute to greater equality of opportunity.

The workshops will be held in German.