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LMU: The top German university for ERC grants

Highly innovative, top-of-the-line research: LMU has won more ERC grants than any other German university.

The European Research Council (ERC) was set up to stimulate and support basic research of the highest quality in Europe by providing highly endowed grants to outstanding researchers in all fields on a competitive basis. ERC Grants are awarded solely on the basis of an evaluation of the scientific excellence of the proposed projects and may be worth millions of euros. Since the establishment of the ERC in 2007, proposals submitted to its programs by researchers based at LMU have been extremely successful. According to the latest “Annual Report on the ERC: Activities and Achievements”, LMU has acquired more ERC grants than any other university in Germany.

ERC grants are available to researchers in all academic disciplines – Physical Sciences & Engineering, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences & Humanities – and proposals submitted by LMU to all three sections have been funded. The spectrum of fields involved ranges from Archaeology and Developmental Psychology to the Biosciences and the Nanosciences.

The ERC’s funding programs are targeted to both established investigators and younger researchers, and fall into three basic categories:

ERC Advanced Investigator Grants are intended for established researchers in all disciplines, and are designed to enable them to undertake innovative and high-risk projects that promise to open up new fields. These awards are worth up 2.5 (and in exceptional cases 3.5) million euros over a period of up to 5 years.

Starting Grants are intended for researchers who are at an early stage of their research careers and wish to set up their own groups, while Consolidator Grants are aimed at group leaders who wish to become established names in their chosen fields.

Proof of Concept Grants (PoC) are designed for researchers who have already received an ERC grant, and are intended to enable them to translate their research results into practical tools and applications. PoC grants are awarded for up to 18 months and are worth up to 150,000 euros.

The following researchers have received ERC Grants at LMU to date: List of ERC Awardees