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Completed EU projects within the 6th Framework Research Program

  • Networks of Excellence (NoE)

    Networks of Excellence provide long-term sustained support for research cooperation within Europe. more

  • Integrated Projects (IP)

    Integrated Projects are major research projects with clearly defined research goals (new findings, products, processes, services etc.). more

  • Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP)

    Specific Targeted Research Projects are smaller-scale research or demonstration projects with clearly defined goals. more

  • Coordination Actions (CA)

    Coordination Actions support research cooperation and the coordination of research activities (organization of conferences, realization of studies, personnel exchange, establishment of information systems etc.) more

  • Specific Support Actions (SSA)

    Specific Support Actions support the preparation of future research projects or provide support for current activities (organization of conferences, realization of studies and analyses, assignment of working groups etc.). more

  • Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3)

    Integrated Infrastructure Activities provide support for the development of research infrastructures within Europe. more

  • Marie Curie Actions (MC)

    Marie Curie Actions comprise training and mobility programs for young academics and established researchers (grants for individuals and institutions), support knowledge transfer and promote excellence by endowing awards and chairs. more

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