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LMU Munich’s basic purpose is to provide its academic staff and students with optimal conditions for research and study. LMU‘s organizational structure, both in terms of academic and administrative affairs, is specifically structured to achieve this goal. LMU has designed its governance structures with regard to the quality and regulatory requirements of its institutional strategy LMUexcellent. University governance as a whole has significantly profited from the implementation of these structures.

Equality and internationality have been adopted as guiding principles of university governance by LMU Munich and have been incorporated into the recruitment strategy of the institutional strategy LMUexcellent.

Based on the experience gained during the strategy processes the University Governing Board has formally established competition as a central principle of governance. To develop competitive procedures adapted to the logic and specific performance of the different subject groups, a system of consultative committees was introduced: the University Research Board, the University Advisory Board and the University Teaching Board. The Governing Board, the Extended Governing Board and the Academic Senate can call on the services of these Boards, the functions of which are defined in LMU Munich’s Basic Statutes.

In addition, LMU has set up the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) as a platform for interdisciplinary academic exchange, and established the Center for Leadership and People Management to help meet the leadership challenges associated with collaborative research. Through the establishment of the Graduate Center and Research Services, the support structure for the promotion of research and junior academics has also been professionalized.