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Recruitment of Excellent Academics

To maintain its edge in the global competition for the best academics, LMU Munich has devised several new strategies. Appointment procedures have been tightened and may be initiated proactively in appropriate cases. In these cases, a finding committee composed of internationally renowned representatives of the field in question is established. Funding from the Excellence Initiative may also be used for the attractive endowment of strategically important positions, in order to draw researchers from all over the world to LMU Munich. LMU has already used these new appointment procedures to recruit numerous internationally acclaimed professors. As of 15 August 2009, the Free State of Bavaria granted LMU the right to appoint professors, which has also increased its autonomy as regards professorial appointments.

An increasing number of academics live in dual career partnerships. The Dual Career Service thus helps the partners of recently appointed professors, both from Germany and abroad, as well as for international junior academics, to find suitable jobs. The Dual Career Service is also available to answer questions on matters such as application processes and further education, and provides information on issues such as housing and childcare to ease the transition to living in Munich.

In order to increase the number of female professors at LMU Munich permanently, the University has developed a Bonus Program for Faculties who appoint women, as an incentive to establishing a balanced appointments policy. Faculties that appoint women can apply for bonus payments, which – in mutual agreement between the Faculty and the newly appointed female professor – can be invested in innovative research projects.