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Munich Arts Research Centre (MARC)

Munich Arts Research Centre (MARC) addresses two major challenges in contemporary art research: mediality and globality. Mediality concerns the key issue of crossing and dissolving the boundaries between traditional forms, but even within such boundaries the lines of demarcation, fields of action, and even occupational profiles are shifting and blurring. Digital media create new forms of convergence, academic research into which is still in its infancy and cannot be usefully conducted in one discipline alone. It’s already apparent, however, that this convergence and dominance of the media are enabling new options for expression and (global) communication to emerge which fundamentally complement our primarily speech- or text-based ways of thinking – or even represent an alternative to them. Research into this paradigm shift towards a 'media intelligence' of the arts represents one of the greatest challenges facing arts studies in the future.

Globalization and the accompanying processes of cultural interdependence in the modern age represent the second major challenge which MARC seeks to address. The concept of 'art,' product of a specifically European way of thinking and institutional development, is coming under increasing scrutiny and criticism from other cultural perspectives. Both globalization and acculturation, although frequently associated with current technological and economic developments, reveal older historical roots and causal interconnections, or can only be explained in relation to them.


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