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Center of Language and Literature Studies

The Center of Language and Literature Studies (ZSL) fosters highly qualified doctoral candidates preparing dissertation projects in one of three main areas: “Variation - Contact – Change,” “Figures in Textuality,” and “Narration and Knowledge.” The Center breaks new ground in research by pooling key insights in the fields of language, literature, and cultural studies productively and incorporating them into a new perspective. An equally innovative approach is taken in doctoral supervision, in which candidates are given an early opportunity to work in depth with faculty members representing a broad range of research. Since 2008, members of the Center have also been accepted into the faculty's linguistics- or literature-based international doctoral program (LIPP / ProLit), where they receive particularly high-caliber and intensive support.


Prof. Dr. Wulf Oesterreicher

Dr. Elisabeth Dobringer
Schellingstraße 10
80799 München
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 21 80 - 62 92

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