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Center for Negotiation and Mediation (CVM)

The CVM is a research unit attached to the Faculty of Law at LMU Munich. At the Center a young team of scholars explores novel approaches to arbitration and conciliation, drawing on insights from the areas of Law and Economics, Psychology, Game Theory and Communication Theory. The CVM also offers a range of interdisciplinary training courses, which provide instruction in the effective conduct of negotiations and schools participants in techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). These programs are designed to cater for students of all disciplines, as well as for trainee lawyers and fully qualified professionals. In addition, the CVM organizes lectures, roundtable discussions and workshops, participation in moot courts and offers a complete program of study leading to certification as a commercial mediator.


Center for Negotiation and Mediation
Veterinärstraße 5
80539 Munich
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 21 80 – 14 37

Office Administrator:
Andrea Regele