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Munich Center for Ethics

The Munich Center for Ethics (MKE) comments on current ethical issues and questions that equally affect science, politics, and public opinion. It promotes ethical research at LMU Munich and provides an interdisciplinary network for cooperative solutions to ethical problems in the sciences and in society. In light of the significant potential for such research at LMU Munich, the MKE continually extends earlier research and enlarges upon interdisciplinary perspectives.

The MKE promotes international cooperation in the field of ethical research and offers a forum for argumentation and the exchange of research results. In addition, it takes on assignments to assess current moral choice conflicts and dilemmas. A public lecture series provides an opportunity for the community at large to participate.

A central mission of the MKE is also to coordinate teaching in the field of ethics at LMU Munich. In conjunction with this, there are plans to develop a Master program in Applied Ethics.


Munich Center for Ethics

Munich Center for Ethics
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 Munich
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