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Human Science Center

Founded in 1996, the Human Science Center concentrates on interdisciplinary research; in particular, research topics that require competence from the humanities, the sciences and also the arts are promoted. The general goal of the Human Science Center is to better understand anthropological universals and cultural specifics, as they are relevant for the different phases of human life, i.e. from early childhood to old age.
Research projects include studies of cognitive and functional competence and their dependence on cultural conditions; the understanding of needs and capabilities of humans to develop human adequate technologies for all generations; the anthropological basis of arts; the systematic study of basic concepts like time or thinking in combining results from the neurosciences with the insights coming from physics, philosophy, cognitive science and computer science.
Members of the Human Science Center come from different academic and non-academic institutions, from different faculties and from different countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. The knowledge represented in this network is made available to the general public through lecture series, publications of books or scientific articles; consulting for industry or new teaching programs.


Human Science Center

Human Science Center
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