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Japan Center

The Japan Center covers all teaching and research activities at LMU Munich related to Japanese literature, history and cultural history, religion and philosophy, society, politics, and economy. As regards both research and teaching, it works in close cooperation with other East-Asian cultural and economic facilities at LMU Munich. It also coordinates cooperative schemes in research and teaching between LMU Munich and Japanese universities. At present it offers master and doctoral degree courses in Japanese Studies, available as a major or minor subject, and also accommodates students of Economics and Business Administration within the framework of the optional subject “Japanese Economy and Society.”

In addition, the Center offers Japanese language courses for students of all faculties. Twice a year, together with the Forum for Language and Society in Japan e.V., it organizes intensive courses in the language and culture of Japan, which are also open to external participants. By means of seminars and lectures, the Japan Center provides interested members of the public with up-to-date information on matters concerning Japan.

The Japan Center came into existence in its present form in 2002 through the merging of two academic institutions dealing with Japan (the Institute for East-Asian Studies - Department of Japanese Studies; the Japan Center, a central institution) under the auspices of the Department of Asian Studies. It is part of the Faculty of Cultural Studies.


Japan Center

Japan Center
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