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The Center for Reproductive Biology, Medicine and Biotechnology (ReproZentrum) at LMU Munich seeks to build an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, to promote cooperation in teaching and research, and to advance education in human and veterinary medicine. Consolidating forces in the field of reproductive medicine creates a center of excellence which serves as a point of contact for scientific and business institutions. Goals include integration of basic research and clinical applied research, joint utilization and advancement of research infrastructure (technology platforms), and organization of seminars and workshops. Teaching at the Center offers innovative interdisciplinary and cross-species training in reproductive physiology and pathology and in veterinary livestock management within the scope of veterinary medicine. Attention is paid to practical, hands-on education for students and postgraduates which incorporates training with extra-faculty partners. The ReproZentrum also supplies a range of services, among them: joint use and development of clinical and laboratory resources for inpatient and outpatient clinic operations including veterinary livestock management; consulting services for biotechnological service centers in human and veterinary medicine.


Prof. Dr. Eckhard Wolf, Prof. Dr. Holm Zerbe

Rita Radloff
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85764 Oberschleißheim
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