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LMU Buddy Program - Information for Exchange Students

What is the LMU Buddy Program about?

The LMU Buddy Program is a Mentoring Program for short term exchange students of LMU (Erasmus, LMUexchange). German LMU students are assigned to a foreign exchange student, in order to aid the exchange student settling in at LMU and Munich. As LMU students participate on a voluntary basis, there are no regulations about the type of activities that buddies offer or on how often buddies should meet. A buddy can help you sort out administrative issues (e.g. getting a card for the student cafeteria etc.). Having a buddy might lead to the start of an enduring friendship (just have a look at our photo gallery!).

The following article on the experience of former LMU buddies (published in Insight LMU) shows what a buddy experience could offer you.

How can I get a Buddy

You can apply for a buddy by ticking „please assign me a buddy“ in your application for admission as an exchange student at LMU. If you forgot to do so do not worry: You can still write us an e-mail and we will change that. You will receive the contact details of your buddy about one month before the regular lectures start. Please note that although we try to assign you a buddy from the same faculty, this cannot be guaranteed.

Please be aware that the LMU Buddy Program is an offer for short term exchange students only! International students, who come here for their Bachelor or Master Degree, can apply for a buddy at the Peer-to-Peer-Mentoring-Program of the LMU.


If you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact us. For example: If your buddy is not answering your messages and you feel that he/she is not really interested in keeping in touch with you, please send us an
e-mail We will try to find you a new buddy. We will be pleased to assist.



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