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Fees and Funding

The cost of the four-week Summer Language Courses is relatively uniform (about 1,000 euros including accomodation). Fees for the Summer Academies and Partner Programs, on the other hand, vary considerably.

All MISU courses and activities are nonprofit, the fees for participants calculated to cover only the actual costs. The course fees include tuition, course materials, some services (like tutors) and the extracurricular program.

Grants and Fee Waivers for Summer Academies

Since the duration of the Summer Academies differs significantly (from 2 to 10 weeks), the fees and funding possibilities differ as well:

  • Several Summer Academies are grant-funded, making them more or less free of charge.
  • Students from LMU partner universities who are interested in a fee-funded Summer Academy can apply for a fee waiver, ranging from partial to full waivers with a limit of 1,300 euros. If your home university is listed in our database, please send your Fee Waiver Application Form (as online formular). The fee waiver application deadline is on April 15th.
  • Please note that the Fee Waiver Application is not equivalent to the program application. To be eligible for the Fee Waiver you need to first apply to the summer academy.

Funding for German Language Courses

If you are in need of financial assistance, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers funding for summer German language courses.

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