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EuropainsightLMU 01/2017

Dedicated to the “European Idea”

Dialogue and exchange is more important than ever in these unsettling times – and it is the goal of the Europaeum, a network focusing on European Studies. Four of the six recipients of the prestigious Jenkins Scholarships are linked to LMU.

Foto: Körber-Stiftung/David AusserhoferinsightLMU 04/2016

Alternatives to TINA

The phrase ‘There is no alternative’ has been a prominent feature of many political controversies in recent years. LMU political scientist Astrid Séville’s study of the ‘TINA’ phenomenon has now won her a prestigious award.

container_eyetronic_fotolia_265insightLMU 03/2016

Trade and transformations

International trade agreements promise to promote prosperity and economic growth. LMU economist Gabriel Felbermayr uses highly complex mathematical models to study who profits from these deals – and who doesn’t.

SchwarminsightLMU 02/2016

The parts and the whole

What properties differentiate living systems from non-living entities? LMU biophysicist Erwin Frey is at the forefront of attempts to develop a new understanding of the distinctive features of complex biological systems.


Welcome to the 1st issue of insightLMU in 2017!

The first members of the White Rose resistance group were convicted of treason and hanged 74 years ago. The DenkStätte Weiße Rose in LMU’s Main Building commemorates their bravery and sacrifice. Opened 20 years ago, the exhibition has now been redesigned and restructured. insightLMU reports on the new layout of the exhibition, which is now annotated in German and English.

Stimulating dialogue and exchange is more important than ever in these unsettling times – and it is the primary goal of the Europaeum, a network of leading European Universities focusing on European Studies. Four of the six current recipients of the Europaeum’s prestigious Jenkins Scholarships are associated with LMU. In insightLMU they tell us about their projects and what these exchange fellowships mean to them at this critical juncture.

The current issue also introduces LMU gynecologist Sven Mahner who talks about the central role of surgical approaches in the treatment of gynecological cancers. Biochemist Roland Beckmann discusses how the cellular organelles known as ribosomes read the genetic instructions that specify protein structures. And we introduce ROMY, a new ring laser-based seismometer that measures rotational ground motions with unprecedented accuracy. The concept has meanwhile sparked the commercial development of portable “BlueSeis” rotation sensors, which have already been deployed on the island of Stromboli and in other seismically active areas in Italy.

Enjoy reading!

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