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Photo: Jan GreuneinsightLMU 01/2014

The marks that mold us

The genetic code is not everything: Biologist Heinrich Leonhardt is currently dissecting the epigenetic mechanisms that determine which genes are activated or repressed in each of the diverse cell types that make up multicellular organisms.

brille_265insightLMU 04/2013

Giving the gift of sight has unexpected rewards 

After 14 days, a man gets a profession for the first time in 40 years. But it is LMU student Jakob Schillinger who feels benefited by the radical change in the other man’s life.

Shanghai-SanyaRedlinkCorbisinsightLMU 03/2013

The Dragon’s dilemmas

When will China overtake the West? Economist Dalia Marin and sinologist Hans van Ess discuss the limits to growth in a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants and the serious problems China now faces.

Lisa-LechnerinsightLMU 02/2013

What medical students take for a mind altering experience

With the goal of producing physicians capable of handling challenges posed by globalization, social change and scientific development, LMU is immersing medical students into Brazilian classrooms and hospitals.


Homo oeconomicus may not know it yet, but it is an increasingly endangered species. For, as economist Martin Kocher reports in the new edition of insightLMU, the notion that the behavior of economic agents is always motivated by rational self-interest has been experimentally refuted.

insightLMU also talks to Heinrich Leonhardt of LMU's BioCenter in Martinsried about his studies of biological regulatory mechanism that goes beyond the deciphering of the genetic code. This “epigenetic” system determines which genes are activated or repressed in the diverse cell types of multicellular organisms.

“I want to preserve my native language: Zazaki,” says LMU linguistics student Yasar Aratemür from Turkey, who is portrayed in the current edition – and who pays his way through university by working as a train driver. Thanks to his commitment, his originally Northwest Iranian vernacular may someday join the 160 language courses which LMU students can now choose from. insightLMU accompanies two students who are busy learning to speak and read Arabic at LMU’s Language Center.

Finally, insightLMU invites you on a journey that stretches back through 10,000 years of human history – and reveals what TV series such as “Autopsy” or “Bones” have in common with the research of LMU anthropologist Gisela Grupe.

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