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radner_insight_webinsightLMU 02/2015

The Imperatives of Empire

Early forms of social technology, clever political moves and elements of absolutism are some of the themes in Karen Radner’s story of the birth of the world’s first empire on the banks of the Tigris – nearly 3000 years ago.


speertraeger_265insightLMU 01/2015

Doryphoros on tour

Standing in the same position for so long is no fun. Doryphoros needs a break. In response to a flattering invitation, LMU’s Spear-Bearer is now serving as an Ambassador for Classical Greek Art in London.

cooks_weihnachten_265insightLMU 04/2014

Cooks on Campus 

Do you just shove a frozen pizza in the oven when you get home? In the online series “Cooks on Campus”, international students at LMU help you to make your meals more exciting, and share tips on how they got into their stride at LMU.

leuchtstoff_265_webinsightLMU 03/2014

Bright lights, big business

Unlike sunlight, white light from most artificial sources is perceived as cold. Wolfgang Schnick’s team at LMU Munich is creating chemicals that enable LEDs to deliver high-quality white light.

Welcome to the 2nd issue of insightLMU in 2015!

Early forms of social technology, shrewd political maneuvers and elements of absolutism in the Neo-Assyrian Empire some 3000 years ago are some of the themes that interest Karin Radner. In the current issue of insightLMU, LMU’s new Humboldt Professor outlines the story of the birth of the world’s first empire on the banks of the Tigris.

The work of Ralf Bender and Viatcheslav Mukhanov’s probes a far more distant epoch – that of the birth of Time itself, and what came next: In insightLMU, the two LMU physicists outline the history of the Universe. “All the basic parts are present after 100 seconds; from there on, everything runs like clockwork.”

In the current issue, we also feature the long and eventful history of one of LMU’s Faculties – the Faculty of Physics, at which no less than 11 Nobel Prize laureates – including Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Max Planck and Theodor Hänsch – have studied, taught and carried out ground-breaking research. Only recently, the Faculty of Physics was added to the European Physical Society’s prestigious list of Historic Sites, in recognition of its “important contributions to the development of the discipline”.

Cultural exchange is another topic insightLMU looks at in this year’s summer issue: Aurore Taillet, a student from the renowned Sciences Po in Paris, gives us a first-hand account of her experiences as an Erasmus exchange student at LMU, and tells us how she introduced her native land to a class of lively and inquisitive 10-year-olds, and we report on how the tutorial group AkaSIA stimulates intercultural dialog between Asia and Germany.

Enjoy reading!

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