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cooks_weihnachten_265insightLMU 04/2014

Cooks on Campus 

Do you just shove a frozen pizza in the oven when you get home? In the online series “Cooks on Campus”, international students at LMU help you to make your meals more exciting, and share tips on how they got into their stride at LMU.

leuchtstoff_265_webinsightLMU 03/2014

Bright lights, big business

Unlike sunlight, white light from most artificial sources is perceived as cold. Wolfgang Schnick’s team at LMU Munich is creating chemicals that enable LEDs to deliver high-quality white light.

Source: Sky Goh/Picture AllianceinsightLMU 02/2014

Theatre encompasses the globe

LMU researchers Christopher Balme and Nic Leonhardt are tracing the international cross-currents that stirred the history of theater, and forged surprising intercultural links, during earlier phases of globalization.


gleisbauer_aratemuer_265insightLMU 01/2014

From trackman to linguist

Yasar Aratemür’s story is a tale of determination, focus and successful integration – qualities that have won him a Germany Scholarship at LMU.

Welcome to the 4th issue of insightLMU in 2014!

“Market-based regulation cannot protect the interests of the weak,” says Markus Vogt, Professor of Social Ethics at LMU. In the current issue of insightLMU, he considers the implications of globalization and climate change, and suggests ways of reducing inequality and sharing the costs of climate change mitigation.

LMU student Franziska Faßbinder is dedicated to supporting the disadvantaged by voluntary work. She has set up the Refugee Law Clinic Munich, in which she and fellow law students provide free advice to asylum-seekers on anything from cell-phone contracts to immigration law. The students have the opportunity to put their academic knowledge to practical use, and their “clients” profit from their advice.

The latest issue of insightLMU also presents the life-saving research of cardiologist Christian Weber, who is studying the web of molecular decisions that lead to unrestrained immune reactions which promote atherosclerosis. It also introduces Samuel C. Fletcher, holder of one of the prestigious Marie Curie-Skłodowska Postdoctoral Fellowships at the LMU-based Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, which enables him to undertake an independent research project of his own design.

And for all those who need an introduction to the joys of homemade Christmas cookies, insightLMU presents LMU’s new online series “Cooks on Campus”, in which international students help you to make your menus more exciting, and share tips on how they got into their stride at LMU.

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