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brille_265insightLMU 04/2013

Giving the gift of sight has unexpected rewards 

After 14 days, a man gets a profession for the first time in 40 years. But it is LMU student Jakob Schillinger who feels benefited by the radical change in the other man’s life.

Shanghai-SanyaRedlinkCorbisinsightLMU 03/2013

The Dragon’s dilemmas

When will China overtake the West? Economist Dalia Marin and sinologist Hans van Ess discuss the limits to growth in a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants and the serious problems China now faces.

Lisa-LechnerinsightLMU 02/2013

What medical students take for a mind altering experience

With the goal of producing physicians capable of handling challenges posed by globalization, social change and scientific development, LMU is immersing medical students into Brazilian classrooms and hospitals.


Photo: Jan GreuneinsightLMU 01/2013

Protective Particulates

Growing up on a farm reduces the risk of asthma and allergies. Allergy specialist Erika von Mutius is studying why this is so, as the answer could suggest new ways of preventing such disorders.

How can we cope with the trash we produce in such large amounts? In the new edition of insightLMU, historian Christof Mauch and jurist Jens Kersten discuss recycling and rhetoric, the limited reach of legal measures, and the role of civil society in waste reduction and reuse.

insightLMU visits Immanuel Bloch in his laboratory on Munich’s Schellingstrasse – and finds a bewildering array of hundreds of lenses and mirrors, switches, glass-fiber cables and other components. The physicist uses batteries of lasers and sophisticated control circuitry to create artificial crystals with which to simulate and study physical phenomena at the quantum level.

It’s never too early for science students to become acquainted with the kind of complicated instrumentation that one needs for pioneering research, and an undergraduate in biochemistry from the US has taken this adage to heart. As a Fellow in the Euroscholars program, she has learned how to use a scanning tunnelling microscope at LMU – and how to explain her project to visitors to the Open Research Lab at the Deutsches Museum.

In addition to attending lectures and preparing for exams, many students at LMU have another interest at heart: Contributing to others people’s lives without expecting anything in return. We talk to one of them, a physics student who journeyed to Africa to help teach 19 visually impaired men and women from Rwanda and Kenya how to produce spectacles, following a simple but effective business model.

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