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Source: Sky Goh/Picture AllianceinsightLMU 02/2014

Theatre encompasses the globe

LMU researchers Christopher Balme and Nic Leonhardt are tracing the international cross-currents that stirred the history of theater, and forged surprising intercultural links, during earlier phases of globalization.


gleisbauer_aratemuer_265insightLMU 01/2014

From trackman to linguist

Yasar Aratemür’s story is a tale of determination, focus and successful integration – qualities that have won him a Germany Scholarship at LMU.

brille_265insightLMU 04/2013

Giving the gift of sight has unexpected rewards

After 14 days, a man gets a profession for the first time in 40 years. But it is LMU student Jakob Schillinger who feels benefited by the radical change in the other man’s life.

Shanghai-SanyaRedlinkCorbisinsightLMU 03/2013

The Dragon’s dilemmas

When will China overtake the West? Economist Dalia Marin and sinologist Hans van Ess discuss the limits to growth in a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants and the serious problems China now faces.

insightLMU 02/2014

The principle of Free Trade was a major pillar of the British Empire – it didn’t matter whether the product was cotton, tea or – theatre. Christopher Balme and his team are studying the emergence of touring theatre companies as a global phenomenon in the second half of the 19th century. Their researches have uncovered fascinating intercultural links, some of which can be traced to figures like the long-forgotten impresario Maurice E. Bandmann, whose ensembles could once be found in theatres anywhere from Malta to Calcutta.

How much Warhol is there in Lagerfeld? The current edition of insightLMU includes a feature on former society journalist Lothar Strobach, who recently earned a PhD in Art History at LMU for a thesis on the influence of Andy Warhol on Karl Lagerfeld’s work as a photographer. Show business is also at the center of a very successful venture initiated by a group of LMU Sinology students: This year they mounted their second Chinese Film Festival in Munich. One of the highlights was the award-winning “Black Coal, Thin Ice”, directed by Diao Yinan, which was shown at the Festival before it went on general release in Germany.

Western media often see their primary function as that of a watchdog over the political sphere. But how true is this of the press elsewhere? LMU’s Thomas Hanitzsch, coordinator of an ongoing worldwide survey of journalists’ attitudes to their role, talks about the answers it has provided so far. insightLMU also visits archaeologist Professor Rolf Schneider in his office at UC Berkeley, where he holds the first Visiting Professorship to be set up as part of the “LMU-UCB Research in the Humanities” Program.

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