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forscherin_265insightLMU 01/2016

Innovation  for teachers and students

Studying is more than learning by rote: Even undergraduate students can do a research project or act as mentors. And LMU has  once again received generous Federal funding to develop novel ideas in tuition and studies.

nepal_265_webinsightLMU 04/2015

The first doctor in Katunje

LMU medical student Sagar Dhital’s greatest wish is to see that his Nepalese village which, he says, “helped me to become what I am today,” gets a new hospital. His dedication to his roots and his studies has won him a Deutschlandstipendium.

Professor Christian Haass, LMUinsightLMU 03/2015

Feathers in focus

In the lab, LMU biochemist Christian Haass studies Alzheimer’s, but on weekends he goes in search of rare birds. His enthusiasm for ornithology has even taken him beyond the Arctic Circle – in the middle of winter.

radner_insight_webinsightLMU 02/2015

The Imperatives of Empire

Early forms of social technology, clever political moves and elements of absolutism are some of the themes in Karen Radner’s story of the birth of the world’s first empire on the banks of the Tigris – nearly 3000 years ago.


Welcome to the 1st issue of insightLMU in 2016!

Sunscreens are not always toxic to marine organisms – they actually promote the growth of many species of microalgae that form the basis for all life in the sea. In insightLMU, biology student Helena Hager, who uncovered this surprising phenomenon, talks about her intriguing research project, which was funded by Lehre@LMU. For this university-wide program designed to develop novel ideas in tuition and studies, LMU has once again received generous Federal funding.

From the sea bottom to the summit of Mount Sinai: LMU professor Ronny Vollandt discusses the background to a succession of Arabic translations of texts from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, which began to appear in the 8th century – a little known phase in the dissemination of the Scriptures.

And from the South to the far North – to Tartu/Estonia, where students from all over Europe gathered for the very first Winter School in Finno-Ugric Studies as part of the new cooperative venture, entitled “Integrating Finno-Ugric Studies in Europe” (InFUSE), whose aim is to link students enrolled in this niche-subject throughout Europe.

And from northern Europe back to Munich, and two students who have come to LMU from embattled Syria: Samar Shammas was working on her thesis when her house in Damascus was hit by a bomb. Ahmad Al-Nabulsi was at dental school when he was imprisoned for joining a protest against the government. Both are now starting over again at LMU.

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