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speertraeger_265insightLMU 01/2015

Doryphoros on tour

Standing in the same position for so long is no fun. Doryphoros needs a break. In response to a flattering invitation, LMU’s Spear-Bearer is now serving as an Ambassador for Classical Greek Art in London.

cooks_weihnachten_265insightLMU 04/2014

Cooks on Campus 

Do you just shove a frozen pizza in the oven when you get home? In the online series “Cooks on Campus”, international students at LMU help you to make your meals more exciting, and share tips on how they got into their stride at LMU.

leuchtstoff_265_webinsightLMU 03/2014

Bright lights, big business

Unlike sunlight, white light from most artificial sources is perceived as cold. Wolfgang Schnick’s team at LMU Munich is creating chemicals that enable LEDs to deliver high-quality white light.

Source: Sky Goh/Picture AllianceinsightLMU 02/2014

Theatre encompasses the globe

LMU researchers Christopher Balme and Nic Leonhardt are tracing the international cross-currents that stirred the history of theater, and forged surprising intercultural links, during earlier phases of globalization.


Welcome to the 1st issue of insightLMU in 2015!

Whither human evolution? Who were our ancestors, where did they come from and how did we as a species acquire language? In the current issue of insightLMU, anthropologist Gisela Grupe and population geneticist Wolfgang Stephan highlight crucial stages in the evolution of our species Homo sapiens. To learn how species diverge and new species evolve, LMU geobiologist Gert Wörheide travels to the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea to collect and study sponges, one of the most ancient of extant animal lineages.

Scientific reasoning, what it is and how it develops, was the central theme of the very first REASON Spring School, which hosted 45 doctoral students from all over the world, who had been invited to share research data with each other and obtain helpful feedback from renowned faculty. LMU graduate Felix Klühr chose a practical approach and creates mobile study material for university students across Europe. In insightLMU he explains what motivated him to co-found a start-up.

And those readers who need a pre-summer trip might care to visit LMU’s Spear-Bearer, currently domiciled in London. insightLMU explains why the sculptural centerpiece of the University’s Main Building is temporarily based in the British Museum.

Enjoy reading!

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