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From molecules to organisms

LMU-Harvard Young Scientists’ Forum

Munich, 06/18/2009

The newly established LMU-Harvard Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) will bring together 30 doctoral students and postdocs from LMU Munich and Harvard University with senior faculty members. The YSF will provide an interdisciplinary platform for young scientists from both universities in order to facilitate academic exchange and joint research. This year’s conference attempts to trace the way from “molecules to organisms”. It will take place at the Center for Advanced Studies from June 21 to June 24.

Nominated participants rank among LMU’s and Harvard’s most talented doctoral students and post-docs, coming from laboratories that represent cutting-edge science in protein research and neurosciences. In various sessions and presentations, the young scientists will be discussing their research with their fellow students and established academics from both universities, who will give feedback on their presentations and stimulate new perspectives on their work. 

In addition, five renowned academics from LMU Munich and Harvard University will give faculty lectures covering a broad spectrum of topics in protein research and neuroscience. The scientists will be explaining how neuronal activity can be controlled with molecular switches, why eyes are smarter than scientists had believed, and how pre- and post-transcriptional mechanisms can suppress promiscuous transcription. The researchers will also explore the chemistry and biology of insect-bacteria mutualisms as well as neural processing of optic flow in flies. All faculty lectures are open to the public.

The 2009 Young Scientists’ Forum is supervised by Professor Benedikt Grothe, Director of the Munich Center of Neurosciences, and Professor Dirk Trauner, Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich, along with their participating colleagues from Harvard.

Since the number of seats is limited, external visitors to the faculty lectures are kindly asked to register.

The conference schedule is available at:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Behrend (for scientific inquiries)
Munich Center for Neurosciences
phone.: +49 (0)89-218074-303

Anja Rössner (for all other inquiries)
International Office
phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180-6959

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