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Tony Allan to speak at CAS

Water Security: Farmers, Traders, and Consumers

Munich, 11/09/2010

80 per cent of the world’s economies are food water insecure. In his lecture about “Water Security: Farmers, Traders, and Consumers” Tony Allan, Geography professor at King’s College London, highlights many invisible and silent processes that enable most of the world’s 200 economies to achieve water security. Water security for the small volumes needed for municipal and industrial uses will be distinguished from water security for the food needs of society. It will be shown that there are a number of technologies, reforms and changes in behavior that will be key to the sustainable intensification of water use in agriculture.

Tony Allan is laureate of the Stockholm Water Prize 2008, the world’s most prestigious prize for outstanding achievement in water-related activities. He will be lecturing at CAS in 1 December 2010, at 18:15 p.m.


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