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Life science symposium – platform to brainstorm and share ideas

Munich, 03/16/2010

On 23 March, Munich's life science students will come together once again to showcase their research and network with their fellow PhD students. The symposium interact 2010 will be a platform to brainstorm and share ideas. Presentations and posters of PhD students from several research instutions in Munich will be the main focus of the symposium, serving as a platform for interdisciplinary discussion. The symposium is open to participants from all areas of life science interested in presenting their work to a broad scientific audience.

Munich is home to a number of research instutions with focus on the life sciences: besides LMU Munich there are three biologically oriented Max Planck Institutes – the MPI of Biochemistry, MPI of Neurobiology and MPI of Psychiatry - as well as the Helmholtz Zentrum München and Technische Universität München (TUM). Every year this exceptional concentration of research facilities attracts more than a thousand graduate students from all over the world to Munich to start their scientific career.

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