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Doctoral degrees beyond 2010: Training talented researchers

Munich, 03/05/2010

What should a doctorate in the 21st century look like? This is not an academic question, but one that is of vital importance to employers, governments, universities and citizens in Europe. In its present paper, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) sets out its vision for doctoral education beyond 2010, which includes a overall governmental increase of the investment in Europe for doctoral education. Furthermore, employers and universities should work together ensuring that rigorous research remains the cornerstone of the doctorate and that doctoral training is a suitable preparation for work in today’s world. And, not least, they plead that talented young people should be encouraged to develop the intellectual creativity, curiosity and rigour that the 21st century society needs.

LMU Munich participated intensely in the discussion of the paper and supports the concept positions presented in the LERU paper with its GraduateCenter-LMU as the central coordination and support unit for LMU doctoral studies.

LMU is one of the founding members of LERU, an association of 22 leading research-intensive universities that share the values of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research. Founded in 2002, LERU advocates education through an awareness of the frontiers of human understanding; the creation of new knowledge through basic research, which is the ultimate source of innovation in society; and the promotion of research across a broad front in partnership with industry and society at large. Since May 2008, LMU´s president Professor Bernd Huber is Chairman of LERU.

This report and all other LERU papers are freely available online at

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