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Summer school on String Theory

Munich, 07/25/2010

The tiniest objects in the Universe are not point-like in nature, they are vibrating strings, so small and complex that mathematics has not yet found a way to describe their gyrations accurately. This at least is the basic assumption that underlies String Theory, the subject of the Summer School on ”Strings and Fundamental Physics“, which gets underway at LMU on 25 July and lasts until 6 August. The School is designed to give junior researchers and doctoral students working in the area of high-energy physics a chance to learn from and interact with recognized experts in the field. The School has been organized by members of the Munich Cluster of Excellence “Origins and Structure of the Universe“, who have made special efforts to ensure that young talents from economically disadvantaged countries can attend. Stipends covering the costs of participation have been provided by the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Foreign Ministry for 35 of the 160 students and postgraduates who have registered for the School.

Responsibility for organizing the School rested in the hands of LMU Professor Ilka Brunner, Dr. Marco Baumgartl (a member of the Junior Research Group on ”Extra Dimensions in Particle Physics and Cosmology“ in the Cluster) and Dr. Michael Haack (Scientific Coordinator at the Arnold Sommerfeld Center at LMU). “Registrations were received from all over the world, including Azerbaijan, Chile, China, India, South Africa and the USA, so the School will have a decidedly international character“, says Ilka Brunner. “One of our major goals was to ensure that young researchers would have the benefit of hearing presentations from top-class faculty. So we are delighted that leading experts in theoretical physics, including Hirosi Ooguri of the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe in Japan and Barton Zwiebach of the Massachussetts Institute for Technology, who has just published a splendid textbook on String Theory, have accepted invitations to give lectures.“

During the first week, participants will learn the basics of String Theory, hearing lectures and working in small groups. They will then be exposed to more advanced treatments in the following week. The program also includes leisure activities, which will provide further opportunities to form contacts and exchange views.

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