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LMU once again the German university with the most ERC grants

Munich, 01/26/2011

LMU can look back on another very successful year in the competition for the prestigious research grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC). In 2010 proposals submitted by no less than seven LMU scientists were selected for funding. Advanced Investigator Grants went to four of them, the other three received Starting Grants. This brings to 17 the total number of ERC grants awarded to LMU investigators since the inception of the competition in 2007, and underlines LMU’s leading position among the top universities in Germany.

ERC grants are designed to enable outstanding independent researchers to carry out innovative and high-risk projects that have the potential to advance the frontiers of their particular fields. Advanced Investigator Grants are intended for established investigators. Starting Grants are designed for younger scientists, and candidates may apply 2-12 years after obtaining a doctoral degree. In the latest round of the scheme, the ERC funded 266 Advanced Grants with a total value of 590 million Euros and 427 Starting Grants accounting for a total of 580 million Euros.

The seven LMU scientists listed below were awarded ERC grants in 2010:

Advanced Grants:

  • Prof. Patrick Cramer, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • Prof. Jochen Feldmann, Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Theodor Hänsch, Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Dirk Trauner, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Starting Grants:

  • Dr. Robert Huber, Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Dr. Philip Tinnefeld, Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Braun, Faculty of Physics


A complete list of the recipients of ERC grants at LMU is available at:

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