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“Fictions/Realities. New Forms and Interactions”

The blurring of boundaries

Munich, 12/27/2011

“Fictions/Realities. New Forms and Interactions” is the title of a new book edited by Dr. Jörg von Brincken of the Institute of Theater Studies at LMU Munich together with the literary historians Ute Gröbel and Irina Schulzki. This volume is the second in the International Summer School series Fiction and Reality produced by the LMU Doctoral Studies Program ProLit. In its title, two apparently quite distinct categories of experience are juxtaposed. After all, the terms “fiction” and “reality” are generally understood as defining entities that are at first sight mutually exclusive. However, the interactions invoked in the title refer not only to the confrontation of two normally separate domains, but more generally to processes of hybridization that blur the boundaries between categories such as “old” and “new”, “innovative” and “traditional”, or “fiction” and “reality” which then often become indistinguishable. The volume brings together eleven essays, all written in English by an international group of postgraduate researchers in the areas of literature, the arts, the media and the theater. Adopting a decidedly interdisciplinary approach, each of the contributors discusses the present status of some of the key concepts in their fields, such as fiction, fictionality, reality and modes of representation. The spectrum of topics considered is quite broad. For example, one of the articles in the book shows how the connotations of photographs can change depending on the context in which they appear, while another looks at the various genres of Harry Potter fan fiction. A third essay illuminates certain aspects of reality shows such as “America´s Next Top Model” – because the seemingly most authentic parts are often the product of careful choreography.(suwe/PH)

Fictions/Realities. New Forms and Interactions
Jörg von Brincken, Ute Gröbel, Irina Schulzki (Eds.)
Martin Meidenbauer Verlag, November 2011, 210 pages
ISBN: 978-3899752632

Dr. Jörg von Brincken
Institute of Theater Studies, LMU Munich
Phone: +49 89 / 2180 – 5307

Ute Gröbel
Institute of German Philology, LMU Munich
Phone: + 49 89 / 2180 – 1362

Irina Schulzki

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