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“Sternstunden der Theologie”

Christian thinkers and their great moments

Munich, 10/17/2011

Whether or not Martin Luther actually nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle and University Church in Wittenberg on 31. October 1517 is a question that must remain undecided. But then the answer is not important. What is really important for Luther’s significance as a theologian is his central “reformational discovery” that the righteousness of God is bestowed on the believer as an expression of divine love, and is accessible by faith alone. Luther himself writes that this realization suddenly came over him as he was reading the Bible. This is surely one of the great moments in Christian theology. “Such defining moments are instances of cognitive compression,” says Dr. Alf Christophersen, a Privatdozent in the Faculty of Protestant Theology at LMU. “The problems, hopes and fears of a generation or even a whole epoch find their expression in a single work or a biography.” In his new book “Sternstunden der Theologie” (“Great Moments in Theology”), Christophersen considers defining moments in the lives of Christian thinkers, ranging from St. Paul to Pope John Paul II. In his portraits of 28 individuals, he also provides an introduction to the central concepts of Christian theology. “Their key religious experiences offer natural points of access to the lives and work of these great theologians,” says Christophersen. “In addition to providing short biographical sketches that convey basic information, the book also serves as a concise problem-oriented history of theology.” Each of the people treated in the book was especially engaged by a unique constellation of basic concerns. Taken together, these concerns encompass many of the central motifs in theology – from the doctrine of justification to the concept of ecclesiastical office in the Roman Catholic Church. (suwe/PH)

Sternstunden der Theologie. Schlüsselerlebnisse christlicher Denker von Paulus bis heute
C.H. Beck Verlag, 240 pp, 19. September 2011
ISBN: 978-3406613777

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