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The fight against chronic diseases

TARKINAID project receives generous EU funding

Munich, 02/16/2012

An international consortium, to which investigators based at LMU’s Walter Brendel Center belong, has been awarded a 4-year grant worth a total of 3 million euros by the EU. The project“Targeting SRC-family Tyrosine Kinases in Chronic Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases” (TARKINAID) aims to open up new routes to the treatment of refractory autoimmune and inflammatory reactions by identifying small-molecule inhibitors that block the function of a class of enzymes known as Src kinases.“These enzymes play an important role in the genesis of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases,” says LMU researcher Professor Markus Sperandio, who is actively involved in the project. In addition to LMU, seven other research institutes located in Europe and Brazil will contribute their know-how to the venture. The consortium also includes three biotech firms, whose task will be to accelerate the translation of the research findings into practical therapies.“ This project represents a wonderful opportunity for collaboration between European and Brazilian partners, because the necessary expertise is now available to enable us to further develop a new class of anti-inflammatory agents, test their efficacy and get them from bench to bedside for the benefit of patients,” says LMU Professor Barbara Walzog, who is also involved in TARKINAID. (suwe)

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