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Total E-Quality Award

Accolade for LMU's equality concept

Munich, 09/24/2012

LMU Munich has won the Total E-Quality Award for the second time, the jury for the nationwide competition announced in Berlin today. The award is valid for three years, and was conferred on LMU in recognition of the University’s commitment to the promotion of gender equality in the workplace.

In its citation, the jury made particular reference to the University’s “institutionally well anchored policy on gender equality,” and pointed out that the University had succeeded in increasing both the proportion of female professors on its faculty and the number of women on its academic staff. Among examples for “especially noteworthy activities that have been resoundingly successful,” the jury mentions the family-friendly structures that have been put in place, the comprehensive mentoring programs and the training programs specifically designed for women.

Equal opportunity as understood by the Total E-Quality Award is achieved when “the gifts, potential and expertise of both genders are equally recognized, engaged and supported”. The award takes the form of a certificate and authorization to use the Total E-Quality logo. Valid for three years, it is presented by the Total E-Quality-Verein Deutschland e. V., a registered association, to German organizations from the worlds of business, science and management/administration that have excelled in promoting equal career opportunities for men and women. The project receives funding from the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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