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Best university in Germany

LMU does well in NATURE‘s Index 2014 Global

München, 11/14/2014

LMU is the best placed German university in the NATURE Index 2014 Global, which assesses the publication records of research institutions and universities, based on papers accepted by 68 journals in the sciences.


“We are highly gratified to learn that LMU is rated best among universities in Germany in Nature’s Index 2014 Global,” says LMU President Professor Bernd Huber. “This ranking testifies to the high quality of the work being done by our researchers here at LMU.”

The Nature Index Global is published this year for the first time. The index is based on the scientific publications that have appeared in a selection of leading journals. For all listed authors of these papers, the relative contribution of each to the work reported is assessed and his or her institutional affiliation is noted. In the resulting global classification, LMU is rated as the leading university in Germany, taking the 57th slot overall. This puts LMU in 3rd place in continental Europe, behind the ETH Zürich (21) and the EPF Lausanne (35).

The Nature Index 2014 Global

The Nature Index 2014 Global ranking is headed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harvard University and the Max Planck Society. In the country-based rankings, Germany takes 3rd place behind the US and China.

The Nature Index 2014 Global covers publications that appeared between 1. January and 31. December 2013 in 68 science journals, selected by a group of active scientists to reflect their perception of the significance of the journals’ content. The Nature Index 2014 Global was itself published as a Nature Supplement on 12. November, and will be updated monthly on the internet. The placings cited here are taken from the Nature Supplement.