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Summer Festival

München, 06/27/2014

It is the biggest, and promises to be the most enjoyable, student party in Munich this summer: This year’s Uni-Sommerfest takes place on the 4. July in LMU’s Main Building. The event attracts on the order of 5000 visitors every year, and is organized by the Students’ Representative Body.


“One of the highlights of LMU’s Summer Festival this year is our Bayerische Bühne (‘Bavaria on the Boards’)”, says Felix Glockner of the Students’ Representative Body. “This is the first time that we have provided a single stage at the Sommerfest exclusively for Bavarian bands and singer-songwriters.”

In addition to live music, visitors can enjoy improvised theater, cabaret and a Science Slam. And there’s something for film enthusiasts too: On the program at the Unikino are several anthology films and short films made by students.

The Festival opens on Friday the 4. July at 19:00, and the program gets underway at 20:00. Admittance costs 9 euros, and tickets can be purchased from Monday the 30. June at the ticket booth in front of the Main Building. They are also available from Student Councils and the Students’ Representative Body, and at the ticket office (opens at 18.00) on the night.

To access the Festival Program, see: