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New hospital

Visionary concept for university medicine

München, 10/14/2015

The new hospital now being built in downtown Munich exemplifies the turn away from the traditional division of university medicine into individual specialisms in favor of an interdisciplinary medical center.

Neue Klinik im Herzen Münchens

Work on the new interdisciplinary clinic on the site of LMU’s Downtown Medical Center has just begun. When it is completed in 2020, the new building will house departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Obstetrics. The new hospital marks a new departure and is a crucial element in the reorientation of patient care and medical education at LMU. “The decision to build the new Portalklinik was taken in order to ensure that our teaching capacity in the clinical phase of medical education could be maintained, and that we could continue to provide bedside teaching for our students. Nowadays, in addition to theoretical knowledge and simulated learning situations, this type of hands-on, patient-related training is an absolute must,” says Professor Reinhard Hickel, Dean of the Medical Faculty at LMU.