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New Allianz Guest Professors

Zeynep Kuban and Marc Cohen at LMU

München, 11/09/2016

Designed to foster dialog between Jewish and Islamic cultures, LMU’s first Allianz Guest Professorships were awarded in 2003. LMU now welcomes Mark Cohen as Professor for Jewish-Islamic History and architectural historian Zeynep Kuban.

kuban_130_webZeynep Kuban is Professor for the History of Architecture at the Technical University of Istanbul (ITU). Her research interests center on the architectural heritage of the whole of modern Turkey and its relationship to the history of Anatolia through the ages. At LMU, Professor Kuban will teach two classes for students during the current Winter Semester, and will give an inaugural public lecture on the transformations that have taken place in Turkish architecture over the course of the past two centuries The built environment designed by Turkish architects during this period not only attempts to create spaces that can accommodate modern life, but also to reflect aspects of Turkish identity.

cohen_130_webMark R. Cohen is the Khedouri A. Zilkha Emeritus Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University in New Jersey. His work focuses on the history of Jewish-Muslim relationships in the Middle Ages. During the current Winter Semester, Professor Cohen will hold two classes for students, as well as giving a public lecture which will deal with modern myths concerning Muslim antisemitism.

 Further details of Professor Kuban’s opening lecture Zum Wandel der Architektur als Spiegel von Identität in der Türkei des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts and for Professor Cohen’s public lecture on Modern Myths of Muslim Antisemitism. Those who wish to attend the last lecture are kindly asked to register by November 10th 2016 at