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Organ Concert

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

München, 10/26/2016

The story has been presented in the cinema, as spoken drama and as a musical. On October 29th and 30th, the 1923 film version comes to LMU. And organist Mathias Rehfeldt will be provide appropriate musical thrills on the White Rose Organ.


 The silent version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, with Lon Chaney in the title role is recognized as a milestone in cinematic history. The film, directed by Wallace Worsely and based on the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo Roman tells the story of the hunchbacked Quasimodo, who lives in the tower of Notre Dame Cathedral in 15th century Paris, and falls in love with the gypsy Esmeralda. Needless to say, the misshapen bell-ringer is not her only admirer. The light-footed and agile Phoebus – and the fiendish priest Jehan – have also cast an eye on her.

In the tradition of the cinema organists of the early 20th century, Mathias Rehfeldt, at the keyboard of the White Rose Organ in the Atrium of LMU’s Main Building, will provide a running musical commentary on the events and emotions depicted on the screen. In doing so, however, Rehfeldt does not take his cue from the typical musical accompaniments of the early 1920s, but adopts and adapts styles typical of modern film music to the conventions of the classical silents.

The White Rose Organ
The White Rose Organ was built specially for LMU in 1960 and was installed in place of the mosaic entitled Wellspring of the Sciences, which had been destroyed during the Second World War. Professor Joseph Pascher, who was Rector of the University at the time, specifically intended the instrument to serve as a memorial for the members of the White Rose resistance group. In 1961, the organ was dedicated in the course of the annual commemoration of their bravery – but subsequently fell into disrepair and eventually became unplayable. In the course of the renovation of the Atrium in 2013, the organ was restored with the help of voluntary donations. In addition to its uses in the annual commemoration of the student resistance, the instrument is used primarily for concerts of film music hosted and organized by LMU’s Facilities Division in cooperation with UniKult e.V.

The concert takes place on October 29th and 30th in the Atrium and begins at 7 PM.  

Ticket and Booking Information

Prices of Admission:
Seating is provided in the Atrium itself and cushions will be available for those who prefer to view the film from the flights of steps leading to the Spear-Bearer (on the first floor). Places are not numbered. Normal: 12,- € Reduced*: 6,- €

Tickets are available from München-Ticket Vorverkaufsstelle and on München-Ticket Homepage, in Room A 113 in LMU’s Main Building (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1), from the Studierendenvertretung der LMU (Leopoldstraße 15) and from AStA der Technischen Universität München (Arcisstraße 17).
Up until October 28th, tickets can also be obtained between in the Atrium itself (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1) between 5 and 6.30 PM.
Unless the showings are already booked out, tickets will also be available at the door.


*For children under the age of 12. Admission is free for pupils, trainees, students (with the exception of mature students and doctoral students), participants in volunteer programs and those in receipt of ALG 2. Handicapped persons and their escorts will also be admitted free of charge. Official verification of identity and status must be presented at the door.