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International students at LMU

Tips for getting started

München, 11/15/2016

Lectures, semester ticket, library card … Not all of the 8500 international students who now attend LMU find it easy to adapt to university life in a new and unfamiliar setting. But we have some tips that should help.


You don’t yet feel confident enough to take part in discussions at seminars, books and notes are piling up on your desk, you still lose your way around the Main Building, and the deadline for delivery of your first assignment is closing in. This isn’t quite how you imagined it would be, is it? The initial phase of a university education in a strange land can indeed be a trying experience. But here are some tips that will help you cope with the challenges posed by your new university.

Join the Buddy Program!
The LMU Buddy Program is designed to help exchange students to find their feet in Munich by teaming applicants up with fellow students who already know the ropes. Your buddy is your guide to the city, to university routines and to life on and off campus. She can be consulted when you need a library card and she knows where to find the best parties. The basic idea is that international students are taken in hand by students who know their way around – and lots of students make use of the program, says Harald David of LMU’s Student Advisory Office.

Get the LMU Navigator!
I know I have a lecture at 3 – but where is Room No. so-and-so? The LMU Navigator has the answer. This digital tool not only tells users where all of LMU’s institutes, facilities and administrative units are situated, but provides them with detailed plans of the interior of all these buildings, thus piloting them to the premises they are in search of. – And it was developed for LMU students by LMU students. The app is available in Android and iOS versions or as a web app at

Pay a visit to LMU’s Writing Center
You had hoped to have that assignment finished by now, but you are still trying to get started? Then you should drop in to LMU’s Writing Center. In addition to offering courses in the art of writing formal academic prose, the Center also provides personalized advice on overcoming writer’s block and getting one’s thoughts down on paper – and specifically on academic writing in English. In addition, at the end of each semester, the Center organizes a Writers’ White Night specially for students who have difficulty completing their writing assignments on time.

Leisure, sport and culture on campus
Campus life is not restricted to lecture theaters, libraries and laptops. LMU offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to meet new people and try out new things – that exhibition at the Unigalerie, the concert given by the University Choir or the film on show at the UniKino, for instance. But if you’d prefer to play a more active part in campus life, there are lots of openings too, ranging from the Students’ Radio Service through university sports to student councils.

Improve your German!
Your German needs a little more work? Why not take an advanced course at LMU? Courses are provided by International University Club in Munich, Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V., language tandems and DUO. And if you have always wanted to become acquainted with Kiswahili, Turkish or Quechua, they are among the 160 languages taught at LMU’s Language Center

Summer Schools: Dipping in or diving in?
A Summer School provides an ideal introduction to a university – and the experience may even persuade one to study there: Indeed, many students enroll in a Summer School to test the waters, in order to find out whether they would enjoy studying Germany. “Attending an LMU Summer School gives one a very good opportunity to explore what it would be like to study full-time at LMU,” says student advisor David. But students already enrolled at LMU also benefit from the University’s program of Summer Schools, for they offer specially designed courses that extend and supplement those on the regular curriculum.

Further useful information for international students can be found in LMU’s International Student Guide. In addition to a Pre-Departure Checklist, and important information on administrative, bureaucratic and housing matters, it provides cultural tips and lots of further advice on how to get off to a flying start at LMU.