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Place-finder and parking disk

Making the most of the libraries

München, 04/19/2016

“Now I have time to go the Library …” – But the Library is full, or all unoccupied desks are reserved? Our University Library system has now come up with a clever idea to avoid such frustration in future: You can now check online how many places are free in which of LMU’s many libraries. And with the help of a “parking disk”, you can reserve a space for up to 1 hour.

The parking disks in the University Library bear the message “Kim glei zruck”, informing newcomers when the previous occupant expects to return: “I’ll be right back”, i.e. by the time shown on the disk’s clock-hand.

Virtually every student knows the feeling: Having finally made your mind up to pay a long-delayed visit to the library and gathered all your papers together, you arrive – highly motivated – only to find either that every last workspace is occupied or has been reserved for hours in advance. But now the University Library at LMU has introduced two new services that promise to remedy the situation – the online place-finder and a variant of the good old parking disk.

The online place-finder
The online place-finder on the University Library's Website tells users how many places are unoccupied in the University’s libraries, how many are currently full and how many have already closed for the day.

The parking disk
Furthermore, long-term reservations are now a thing of the past. From now on, students may reserve workspaces for a maximum of 60 mins only. And with the Library’s version of the parking disk, you can let the next hopeful know how long you will be “out to lunch”. And if you are not back by the time indicated on the disk, the space can be taken by anyone else. Note that the library staff is not responsible for clearing the desks. The eager student herself must check how long she has to wait before taking over the workspace.

The Parking disk is available to every student on entry to any of the libraries in the LMU Library System. The Place-Finder can be accessed online at