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Exhibition at the UniGalerie

Against the Grain

München, 11/07/2016

“Against the Grain – Creative Impulses”, an exhibition of new work by Sabine Henning, opens this week at the UniGalerie. Curator of the show is an LMU student.

Profile (2016), Chinese watercolor (60 x 64 cm)

“I am in the process of re-inventing myself“, says painter Sabine Henning, who has entered on her eighth decade. “To make life a success, one must revitalize oneself every so often,” she adds. And she has created new work for her latest exhibition, mainly paintings and pictograms. The 29 works on display are in fact a testimony to the artist’s versatility.

Curated by an LMU student
“Visitors will find these paintings challenging,” says curator Katrin Stecker. Katrin is studying art history at LMU and this is her first experience of the role of curator, which she took on as part of a practical assignment. And indeed, the combination of different motifs and techniques on show makes diverse demands on the viewer. “What has made this exhibition particularly fascinating for me is that the work is new, it is contemporary art. It forced me to engage with modern art, for my usual focus is actually on the art of the Classical Age,” she explains.

What do the curator and the artist have in common? – Both have studied at LMU. From 1973 Sabine Henning studied Art Education and Art History in Munich. Born in Tyrol, Henning began to paint when she was 14, and the list of her works now comprises over 1000 entries. She was very happy to accept the invitation to exhibit some of her latest work – in a very unusual setting – at her alma mater. For the UniGalerie is not exactly a conventional gallery: The works on display works are hung in the corridors of the Office of the University Registrar (Studentenkanzlei). With its own unique charm, the UniGalerie provides contemporary artists who have studied, or are currently studying, at LMU with an intriguing platform on which to present their work to the public.

The exhibition “Gegen den Strich gekämmt – Kreative Impulse von Sabine Henning” in the UniGalerie in LMU’s Main Building (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1) opens on November 9th and ends on December 21st. The preview takes place on November 8th and begins at 6 PM.