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Writers’ Days at LMU

Academic Writing in English

München, 02/08/2016

How can one overcome writer’s block, unravel that tangled train of thought and get down to that urgent assignment? By attending Writers’ Day on February 26th you too can learn how to compose convincing texts in correct English.

Source: Jan Greune

The dominance of English as the global lingua franca of scholarship and science means that the majority of academics – and their students – are faced with the need to formulate their texts in an unfamiliar language. But how does a non-native speaker go about writing a readable academic paper in English? LMU’s Writers’ Day on February 26th is specifically designed to answer this question, with experts in attendance to help students write effective term papers and research reports in grammatically correct and stylistically appropriate English. “It is important not only to keep the formal aspects of the task in view, but also the organization of the text and the writing process itself,” says Dr. Cornelia Rémi from LMU’s Writers’ Center. “If students focus only on the end result – the finalized written text – they risk losing sight of what is really critical. Choosing a good style sheet or getting the font size and the width of the margin right is not enough!”

But never fear, the art of writing academic English can be learned – and there are lots of little tricks one can use to get from project to printout. Here’s one of Rémi’s tips: Take a break from the keyboard every now and again, take a piece a paper and make some handwritten notes or sketches to help organize your thoughts. “This gives one a different perspective on the task, and one begins to think about it in a different way. It is one way to experiment with one’s approach to writing,” she says, “and that usually helps one to impose order on the most confused muddle of ideas.”

An LMU Writers’ Day specifically dedicated to Academic Writing in English takes place on February 26th between 9.30 AM and 4.30 PM in LMU’s Main Building (Room C 022), Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1. A Writers’ Day devoted to Academic Writing in German will be held in Room D Z007 in the Main Building on February 12th. Both events will include lectures and workshops dealing with topics such as getting started, conducting efficient literature searches, and organizing one’s thoughts and texts. On both days, tutors from LMU’s Writing Center will be on hand In the Schreibcafé on Geschwister-Scholl-Platz to answer questions relating to your specific assignments and will provide tips on how to write compelling academic papers. And anyone who is just looking for a good place to write is also welcome.