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Photo competition

Personal takes on LMU

München, 08/01/2017

How do members of LMU’s staff view their workplace? What do they find particularly appealing? Where are their favorite spots on campus? The photo competition “My LMU” yielded some arresting answers to these questions. See for yourself!

Some impressions

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A total of 86 photos were submitted for the competition, and almost 500 staff members selected their favorites in an online poll on LMU’s Service Portal. The winning shot, which garnered a total of 97 votes, was taken by Maria Kaldewey. Kaldewey runs Prof. Robert Yelle’s office in the Faculty of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Religion. “In choosing a subject, I look for an unconventional angle. And it was the title of the brochure “LMU at a glance” that suggested the idea of taking a second look, of looking again,” she explains.

The images sent in reflect aspects of teaching and research at LMU, impressions of activities with colleagues, specific events, but also favorite corners and views that epitomize the University for individual photographers. Christian Funk of the Legal Unit of the University Administration has no hesitation in naming his favorite spot: “Ever since I arrived here as a student, the fountains on Geschwister-Scholl-Platz and Professor-Huber-Platz have been inextricably associated with LMU in my mind. They dominate the view as one approaches the Main Building, and they are the last things one sees when one leaves. And, of course they are popular meeting points for both students and staff. In that sense, they serve as a link shared by all those who are connected to LMU in any way.”

The photos entered in the competition evoke the diversity of LMU’s staff, the services they provide and the aspects of their working environment that attract their attention, as they make their individual contributions to the smooth running of the University.