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Lumbering giants had agile ancestors Grafik: Rodolfo Nogueira

09/20/2017 | Dinosaur evolution

Lumbering giants had agile ancestors

Sauropod dinosaurs were huge herbivorous creatures, whose brain structures were markedly different from those of their anceestors, for the earliest representatives of the group were small, lithe carnivores.

Dishonesty shift Foto: Christian /

09/19/2017 | Management Studies

Dishonesty shift

Lying comes more easily to people in teams: Behavioral scientists at LMU have shown in an experimental study why groups are more likely to behave unethically than individuals.

Slowing the clockwork

09/18/2017 | Molecular motors

Slowing the clockwork

Progress on the way to smart nanomachines: LMU chemists have modified the synthesis of a molecular motor so as to reduce the speed of its light-driven rotation, thus permitting the researchers to analyze the mechanism of motion in complete detail.

To operate, insert dimers

09/13/2017 | Innate immunity

To operate, insert dimers

The presence of DNA in mammalian cell cytoplasm triggers an immune response by binding to a dimeric enzyme, which inserts between DNA double helices to form the “rungs” of a ladder-like structure, as an LMU team has now shown.

Mobile Women were key to cultural exchange Foto: Stadtarchäologie Ausgsburg

09/05/2017 | Early Bronze Age

Mobile Women were key to cultural exchange

4000 years ago, European women traveled far from their home villages to start their families, bringing with them new cultural objects and ideas.

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