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Turmoil in sluggish electrons’ existence

05/22/2017 | Ultrafast Nanophotonics

Turmoil in sluggish electrons’ existence

An international team of physicists has monitored the scattering behavior of electrons in a non-conducting material in real-time. Their insights could be beneficial for radiotherapy.

Saving energy with a spot of silver

05/15/2017 | Nanophysics

Saving energy with a spot of silver

Tomorrow’s computers will run on light, and gold nanoparticle chains show much promise as light conductors. Now LMU scientists have demonstrated how tiny spots of silver could markedly reduce energy consumption in light-based computation.

The unexpected perils of hypoxia

05/11/2017 | Cancer metastasis

The unexpected perils of hypoxia

The low oxygen concentrations that prevail in many tumors enhance their propensity to metastasize to other tissues. LMU researchers led by Professor Heiko Hermeking have now uncovered the molecular mechanism that links the two phenomena.

Semiconductors as decal stickers

05/08/2017 | Organic electronics

Semiconductors as decal stickers

No more error-prone evaporation deposition, drop casting or printing: Scientists at LMU Munich and FSU Jena have developed organic semiconductor nanosheets, which can easily be removed from a growth substrate and placed on other substrates.

Post-traumatic stress affects cognitive function in cancer patients Foto: lightpoet /

05/04/2017 | ”Chemobrain”

Post-traumatic stress affects cognitive function in cancer patients

Subtle cognitive dysfunction and decline in breast cancer patients was largely independent of chemotherapy but associated with cancer-related post-traumatic stress in a German multisite study.

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