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Sushi for synapses

07/18/2019 | Neurobiology

Sushi for synapses

Synapses between nerve cells in the brain undergo constant remodeling, which is the basis of learning. An LMU team has now traced the molecules that direct remodeling and shown that they circulate in the living cell like running sushi.

Not just supporting actors

06/21/2019 | Immunology

Not just supporting actors

Non-classical monocytes were long thought to play a purely surveillance role in the immune system. With the aid of a novel marker (PD-L1), LMU researchers have now shown that they are directly involved in the regulation of immune response.

New CRC for LMU

05/27/2019 | Research grants

New CRC for LMU

The DFG has approved a new LMU-based Collaborative Research Center devoted to ‘cultures of vigilance’ as a historical and cultural phenomenon. Funding for two existing CRCs has been extended.

Signs of selection in the stomach

05/24/2019 | Infection biology

Signs of selection in the stomach

Helicobacter pylori, a globally distributed gastric bacterium, is genetically highly adaptable. Microbiologists have now characterized its population structure in individual patients, demonstrating an important role of antibiotics for its within-patient evolution.

Measures for cleaner air Foto: imago images / Arnulf Hettrich

05/20/2019 | Epidemiology

Measures for cleaner air

Worldwide, a broad range of measures have been introduced to reduce outdoor air pollution. A systematic review by LMU epidemiologists takes stock of the evidence, and recommends a greater focus on improved evaluation methods and study design.

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