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Primed for memory formation

03/22/2019 | Neurobiology

Primed for memory formation

A new study carried out in a collaboration between researchers from LMU and UC San Diego suggests that new sensory experiences are encoded in pre-existing patterns of neuronal activity, which are recalled, modulated and enhanced following periods of behavioral activity.

One transistor for all purposes Christoph Hohmann, Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM)

03/19/2019 | Organic semiconductors

One transistor for all purposes

In mobiles, fridges, planes – transistors are everywhere. But they often operate only within a restricted current range. LMU physicists have now developed an organic transistor that functions perfectly under both low and high currents.

Tiny “blinkers” reveal molecules inside cells

03/15/2019 | Nanophysics

Tiny “blinkers” reveal molecules inside cells

LMU physicists led by Ralf Jungmann introduce an entirely new approach to super-resolution microscopy: Tiny ‘blinkers’ enable simultaneous imaging of multiple biomolecules.

Opening the Black Box of Dendritic Computing Foto: Juan Gärtner /

03/07/2019 | Neurosciences

Opening the Black Box of Dendritic Computing

How do nerve cells compute? This fundamental question drives LMU neurobiologists led by Andreas Herz. They have now presented a novel method to disentangle complex neural processes in a much more powerful way than was previously possible.

On farmland, latecomers lose out Foto: Michaela Hofmann

03/06/2019 | Insects in decline

On farmland, latecomers lose out

Wild bees in Europe are in trouble – more than 50% of local species are now classified as endangered. Recent findings by LMU researchers indicate that, in farming areas, species that emerge in late summer are most acutely threatened.

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