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Progenitors of the living world Foto: picture-alliance / Mint Images

01/17/2018 | Chemical evolution

Progenitors of the living world

RNA was probably the first informational molecule. Now LMU chemists have demonstrated that alternation of wet and dry conditions could have sufficed to drive the prebiotic synthesis of the RNA nucleosides found in all domains of life.

Breakthrough in sleep research Foto:  fizkes /

12/28/2017 | Chronobiology

Breakthrough in sleep research

LMU chronobiologists Till Roenneberg and Eva Winnebeck have developed a facile method that allows them to record the dynamics of sleep under natural conditions.

The body’s street sweepers

12/18/2017 | Immune system

The body’s street sweepers

A new study by medical researchers at LMU extends the list of tasks performed by the smallest blood cells known as platelets: At sites of infection, actively migrating platelets sweep bacteria into aggregates for disposal by phagocytic cells.

Eruptions explosive and effusive Foto: picture alliance / dpa

12/14/2017 | Volcanology

Eruptions explosive and effusive

Some rhyolitic volcanos erupt abruptly and violently, while others are far more sedate in their eruptive behavior. LMU geoscientist Professor Donald Dingwell has now discovered why that is so. The chemistry of rhyolitic magmas is the key.

Time not up for newsprint

12/07/2017 | Media research

Time not up for newsprint

Young spend more time with newspapers in print than online, shows a new study.

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