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It takes two to tango

04/06/2017 | Inflammation

It takes two to tango

Signal molecules called chemokines often work in tandem to recruit specific sets of immune cells to sites of tissue damage. A systematic analysis of their interactions by LMU researchers pinpoints potential targets for new therapies.

Ripeness is all Foto: Elora Gompel

03/10/2017 | Behavioral biology

Ripeness is all

In contrast to other members of the Drosophila family, the spotted-wing fly D. suzukii deposits its eggs in ripe fruits. LMU biologists have now elucidated the sensory basis of their ability to exploit a novel ecological niche.

Live and let live Foto: AG Brocker/LMU

03/09/2017 | Immunology

Live and let live

In order to maintain the microflora in the gut, the immune system must be taught to tolerate foreign bacteria. LMU researches have now shown how immune surveillance cells are educated to perform this task.

LMU leads its German peers

03/09/2017 | ERC’s first decade

LMU leads its German peers

Journalists on their robot pretenders Grafik: ktsdesign /

03/02/2017 | Robo-journalism

Journalists on their robot pretenders

In spite of its limitations, automated journalism will expand. According to media researchers, this development underlines the need for critical, contextualised journalism.

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