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Some 150 different programs of study, ground-breaking research on problems of broad significance, and a lively and international student scene. - All this and more make LMU a real "universitas". And each week our homepage turns its "Spotlight" on one of the many facets of this cosmopolitan kaleidoscope.

The RoboLaw Project

The Essence of the Machine

Software-based systems, autonomic machines and intelligent prosthetic devices are on the horizon. An EU-sponsored project plans to draw up a regulatory framework for robotics. The LMU philosophers involved are now analyzing the ethical implications.

"No bla bla!"

On planning work experience abroad, your application is crucial. Application letters written in English should be brief and to the point – and not only that, the LMU’s Jobline website has many practical tips and advice.

Germany Scholarship holder

From trackman to linguist

Yasar Aratemür’s story is a tale of determination, focus and successful integration – qualities that have won him a Germany Scholarship at LMU.

Diversity and LMU

Differences are enriching

“We seek to attract the best, with their diverse talents and personalities.” LMU Vice President Barbara Conradt explains what diversity means at LMU: Equity and inclusion, family-friendly structures, equality of opportunity.

Famous five for LMU student

Winner of the Games

The Paralympic Games 2014 are now history. The plane bringing the German team home from Sochi landed in Frankfurt last Monday, and on board was the most successful female participant of all.

Transforming media

The next chapter

The Leipzig Book Fair opens in a few days, and the impact of digitalization on the publishing business will be a hot topic in the exhibition halls. But book historian Christine Haug is not expecting the imminent demise of the printed book.

Multiplier program

Advocates of learning

LMU‘s Multiplier Program has sent out its first batch of graduates to act as advocates of learning in the Faculties. Their projects are designed to stimulate increased awareness of the importance of quality teaching.

LMU’s hidden nooks

Records of time past

Much of the material held by the Bavarian State Collections in Anthropology and Palaeoanatomy and the State Mineralogical Collection is stored in the LMU building on Theresienstrasse. The specimens offer unique glimpses of world history.

Islamic Studies

Illuminating snippets of history

A tax receipt from the 9th, and a marriage contract from the 11th century are two of the entries in a database of Arabic documents, which is being set up by LMU researchers, and throws new light on daily life in Egypt hundreds of years ago.

Education research

"Learn how to learn, then you can go far "

In the following interview, LMU psychologist Frank Fischer discusses the role of notecards in effective learning, when to take a break from cramming, and how to profit from failure.

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