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Some 150 different programs of study, ground-breaking research on problems of broad significance, and a lively and international student scene. - All this and more make LMU a real "universitas". And each week our homepage turns its "Spotlight" on one of the many facets of this cosmopolitan kaleidoscope.

Breaking down barriers

Accolade for LMU’s commitment

LMU has been awarded the Bayern barrierefrei emblem by the Bavarian government for its efforts to eliminate barriers that impede or discourage the disabled and those who suffer from chronic illnesses from studying at the university.

Graduate Schools

“The GSN has already made its mark”

LMU‘s Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences, which is now 10 years old, focuses on a single issue: How does the brain work? Doctoral students from all over the world are seeking answers to this immensely complicated question.

International students at LMU

Tips for getting started

Lectures, semester ticket, library card … Not all of the 8500 international students who now attend LMU find it easy to adapt to university life in a new and unfamiliar setting. But we have some tips that should help.

Generation smartphone

Lives on (the) display

Bent on conserving happy moments, smartphone users forget to experience them, says LMU’s Sarah Diefenbach, an economics professor at LMU. Together with Dr. Daniel Ullrich, she is studying the impact of digital media on our emotional lives.

Theodor Hänsch at 75

A Passion for Precision

LMU’s Nobel Laureate Theodor Hänsch talks about creativity in physics, Steve Jobs’ soldering skills, and the secrets of precision metrology.

New online series

My Part of Town

LMU students introduce us to their neighborhoods in Munich, providing insights for newcomers and for natives who are curious to know how others see their city. We kick off the tour with Philip’s Maxvorstadt and Rebecca’s Milbertshofen.

A new semester begins

Welcome back!

It’s that time of year again – another semester gets underway at LMU – and the new LMU film will give you all an impression of what it is like to study, work and explore the world of research here.

Early Nutrition

The lasting legacy of our early years

In a long-term, collaborative, EU-funded project led by LMU‘s Berthold Koletzko, researchers have studied the lasting impact of early nutrition on health. A conference now underway in Munich highlights the latest results.

Lecture series

"Islam is not monolithic"

Attitudes to Islam in this part of the world are often conditioned by misconceptions and lack of knowledge. A new series of public lectures to be held in this semester is devoted to elucidating the central features of the Muslim faith.

Student entrepreneurs

Getting off the ground

What does it take to turn a good business idea into a successful startup? LMU students who are thinking of starting their own businesses can count on the University’s support.

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