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Some 150 different programs of study, ground-breaking research on problems of broad significance, and a lively and international student scene. - All this and more make LMU a real "universitas". And each week our homepage turns its "Spotlight" on one of the many facets of this cosmopolitan kaleidoscope.

Research on Shakespeare

Who’s there?

How do Shakespeare’s plays strike us today? The dramatist was born all of 450 years ago, yet his plays – in ever new interpretations – remain vital. Literary scholars Tobias Döring and Andreas Höfele try to explain why.


The fascination of the ‘Urvogel’

LMU paleontologists have the privilege of working on fossils that are of particular evolutionary importance, and are among the most famous specimens ever discovered. One such species sheds light on the origin of feathers and avian flight.

New online tool

Career and vocation

Do you have what it takes to be a teacher? The Munich Center for Teacher Training (MZL) has developed an online assessment tool called SelF that helps people who are considering teaching as a career to answer that question.

Fighting leukemia

Saving lives between lectures

Since her grandfather died of leukemia, student Katharina Zech has been fighting a battle against blood cancer. Last year, the AIAS, the association she founded for the purpose, organized the largest search for stem-cell donors ever carried out at a university.

World Cup 2014

“They must show some spirit!”

Great show, and no make-believe: LMU sociologist and self-confessed football fan Armin Nassehi dissects the fascination of big sports events.

Education research

Powerpoint can reduce learning success

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to attend a lecture that doesn’t use Powerpoint slides. But do they make it easier to retain the substance of the talk? An interview with the educational researcher Christof Wecker.

Denkmal Demokratie

Under construction

Angela Merkel as a Greek goddess, Sokrates at the World Cup in Brazil. These are just two of the ideas developed by students for the Exhibition “Monument for Democracy”. The show is now open to the public.


All the world’s at lectures

LMU’s first four Massive Open Online Courses – including ones in Biology and Business Studies – went online last year, and were very well received worldwide. The new round of courses is now underway.

Theater art

Impromptu inventions

Whether crime story or the trials of a superhero – LMU student Tobias Zettelmeier and the other members of Bühnenpolka enjoy the challenge of improvising the characters they play at the behest of the audience.

Human Biology

The marks that mold us

The genetic code is not everything: Professor Heinrich Leonhardt is currently dissecting the epigenetic mechanisms that determine which genes are activated or repressed in each of the diverse cell types that make up multicellular organisms.

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