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In keeping with LMU Munich's international reach, some 700 professors and 3,600 academic staff members from all around the globe research and lecture at its 18 faculties, offering a broad and well-differentiated spectrum of academic disciplines and fields of research. Their knowledge and creative intelligence form the foundation of the university’s outstanding research balance as recognized by many national and international rankings.

Promoting the next generation of researchers is essential for an innovative university. LMU Munich therefore provides talented doctoral students and postdocs with a wide variety of training options, including a dedicated Academic Career Program.

Exchange is at the core of the globalization of knowledge. To attract the world’s most talented graduates and scholars to LMU Munich, the university makes a point of providing them with various support services ensuring optimum conditions for their research.

  • Doctoral Students

    Doctoral Studies

    Doctoral candidates can complete their degree in one of 100 subjects at LMU Munich. Besides the traditional individual professorial supervision scheme, LMU Munich offers a growing number of doctoral programs. more

  • Postdocs

    Post docs

    LMU Munich provides talented postdocs from all academic disciplines and fields of research with numerous specific support programs and funding options. more

  • Visiting Scholars

    visiting Scholars

    LMU Munich attracts a large number of renowned academics from all over the world. It therefore offers advice and useful information on a number of key issues to ease their integration into the LMU research community. more

  • Services


    To guarantee optimum conditions for top-level research, LMU Munich provides graduates and scholars with various support services. more

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