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About the postdoctoral work (Habilitation)

Habilitation in Germany formally determines whether a person is sufficiently suited as a scholar and a teacher to be a university professor in a specific field. Similar to the "second book" convention in other countries, the official Habilitation process in the relevant faculty can be made conditional upon the submission of a thesis or  a series of academic publications.

A teaching credential is then issued which grants the holder permission to instruct at a German university, to bear the title "Privatdozent," and to supervise doctoral candidates. It can be issued for the subject which is to be taught by the university's executive body upon request by the person undergoing the Habilitation process.

The Habilitation process is governed by a faculty or a joint commission according to the rules and regulations of the so-called Habilitationsordnung. In this process, all professors in a faculty have the right of collaboration and approval.

Preconditions are regulated by the statutes of the Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz currently in effect. The latest editions of the Habilitationsordnung are available from the dean of each faculty.