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The creative intelligence of young academics is essential for an innovative university. LMU Munich therefore places particular emphasis on promoting the next generation of scholars. It offers numerous support programs and funding options, individually tailored for postdocs from all academic disciplines and fields of research.

For any questions relating to research projects and recruitment options, please refer to the relevant faculty. The support and integration program provides incoming postdocs with assistance in getting started at the university.

  • LMU Research Fellowships

    LMU allocates well-endowed Research Fellowships to attract the world's most talented postdocs, allowing them to research and teach at LMU for up to four years. more

  • Support programs for women postdocs

    LMU Munich places particular emphasis on promoting eminent young women academics on their paths to professorship and has thus devised several support programs and funding options. more

  • External Funding Programs for Postdocs

    Various external funds are available to LMU Munich postdocs. more

  • About the postdoctoral work (Habilitation)

    In Germany, postdocs who plan to start embark on a career as a university professor are required to complete a habilitation, which formally determines whether a person is sufficiently qualified as a scholar and a teacher at university level. more

  • Tenure Track Model

    To make it easier for outstanding young professors to enter into full-time employment and to allow for independent research and teaching at an early point in their careers, LMU Munich was one of the first universities in Germany to create its own Tenure Track Model ten years ago. more

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