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Research Fellowships

LMU Munich recruits excellent junior academics from all over the world through the LMU Research Fellowships. LMU Munich first advertised these attractively endowed Research Fellowships, as part of its Academic Career Program, in 2009. The Fellowships are intended for candidates from all fields of research who have completed their doctoral degrees with outstanding results within the previous three years. Fellows must be able to design a research project and successfully carry it through to completion. They have two full years to conduct their research at LMU Munich and expand their academic profile.

The postdoctoral academics are well-integrated into the University during their stay. They are provided with workplaces within one of the Faculties and may also become involved in teaching if they so desire. They are supervised by professors who support their research project intellectually, and provide the researchers with the necessary infrastructure. As members of the Young Center, Fellows are also associated with the Center for Advanced Studies and may make use of its various services.

The program has been a great success internationally, and has proven to be especially attractive to junior researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences. As a result of the first three calls for applications, in 2009, 2010 and 2011, a total of 31 Fellowships has been awarded to highly qualified candidates from all over the world and various disciplines – 23 from the Humanities and Social Sciences, 8 from the Natural Sciences and Medicine.



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