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Before you arrive…

  • Check validity of travel documents
  • Find out if you (or family members) require a visa and make the application
  • Arrange travel insurance and/or health insurance valid in your new location
  • Collect your medical records (and your family’s)
  • Arrange medical and dental checks and bring documentation of results
  • Consider taking a supply of any medication you may be taking regularly
  • Arrange short-term accommodation
  • Consider childcare options
  • Collect documents necessary to register you and your family, as well as enroll your children in school (marriage certificate with apostil, transcripts, immunisation records, etc.)

In the first days…

In the first weeks…

Before you leave Munich...

  • Give written notice to your landlord (usually 3 months in advance, though notice periods vary so inform yourself well)
  • Cancel all utilities and services registered in your name (pay close attention to notice periods, cancellation of services is usually required in writing)
  • Deregister with local authorities (KVR for Munich residents)
  • Collect any records/documents you may need in future (medical records, transcripts if you have school age children, certificates, etc.)