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Quick Facts:teaser-quickfacts

  • Munich is one of the most attractive and therefore most expensive cities in Germany with rental prices ranging from 15-23 € per m² for unfurnished flats.
  • The housing market is very dynamic. Available flats enter the market and are successfully rented out at a fast pace.
  • A two-room flat in Germany doesn't mean the same as a two-bedroom flat in other countries. A two-room flat will simply have two rooms, plus a bathroom and kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens are not included in the number of rooms advertised.
  • When invited to a viewing, be prepared to compete with many other potential renters. Be punctual, dress smart and bring all relevant documents with you to leave a good first impression. Feel free to contact us to find out which documents you should bring along.

Rental price and deposit

  • Typically, the rental price will be described as either cold rent (Kaltmiete) or warm/entire rent (Warmmiete). The difference between these two is that the Kaltmiete typically does not include operating or utility costs (Nebenkosten).
  • Operating or utility costs generally comprise costs for heating and water, as well as sewage and refuse collection charges.
  • Electricity and telecommunication costs are usually not yet included in the Warmmiete and these services must be arranged by the renter seperately.
  • Another part of the rental agreement is the deposit (Kaution) which the tenant pays to the landlord when moving in. This typically amounts to two or three months' cold rent and will be paid back to the tenant at the end of the rental period if the accommodation is handed over undamaged.

NOTE: Cold rent (Kaltmiete) + utility costs (Nebenkosten) = Warm rent (Warmmiete)
Warm rent (Warmmiete) + electricity and telecommunication costs = total rental price
The Warmmiete is to be paid to the landlord, whereas electricity and telecommunication costs are paid directly to the respective providers.


Accommodation Options for LMU staff

  • LMU Munich Flats - LMU Munich sometimes has a very limited number of flats (DE) available for rent. LMU Gateway has more information available on how to apply for these properties when vacant.
  • Civil Servants' Flats (Staatsbedienstetenwohnungen) - All employees of the Free State of Bavaria have the opportunity to apply for a civil servants' flats from the Wohnungsfürsorgestelle (DE) des Landesamtes für Finanzen. For more information on this option, please refer to their website or contact LMU Gateway.

Finding Accommodation on the Private Housing Market

When starting your search for accommodation, give some thought to your individual search criteria. Are you looking for an apartment or a house, furnished or unfurnished, temporary or long-term or a room within a shared flat? What is your maximum price range, your desired location and what other additional aspects are important to you?

Each city district in Munich has its own set of distinct characteristics which you will get to know when visiting the city or moving here. We can give you more detailed information about the individual districts upon request and give recommendations on which area may be suitable for you (and your family) in regards to your working place.

NOTE: During your search for accommodation, please always make sure that the offer is reliable as scams do unfortunately happen. When in doubt, please contact us. Also remember never to send a scanned copy of your passport or ID and don't transfer any deposit or rent money prior to signing a legitimate rental contract.

Where to search for accommodation

  • Online search portals - most commonly used source when searching for a flat (see the City's website for a list of search portals or contact us). Most of these portals offer the possibility to register and set up a search profile, so potential landlords or real estate agents can also contact you. Since the majority of these sites are in German, feel free to contact us for a list of helpful abbreviations and vocabulary.
  • Newspaper advertisements - various newspapers publish available flats twice a week. Most of them publish listings online as well, although these may not be the same as in the actual newspaper. Please contact us for more details.

NOTE: We highly recommend posting a search advertisement in the local newspapers as well as online. Please note that fees apply. We can help you with the phrasing of your ad.

  • Accommodation agencies - helpful for finding short-term accommodation which is usually furnished. If the agencies succeed in finding suitable accommodation, they charge a non-recurring fee determined by the service provider, which is usually based on the length of your stay.

Contact us for support with finding unfurnished flats or check the links listed below for more information.


Information for Familiesteaser-families

For families or people who prefer living a bit outside of the city, a good option is to look for accommodation in the so-called Landkreis München. Please see this interactive map to get an overview of the Greater Munich area.



Our Serviceteaser-ourservice

LMU Gateway is here to support you with any questions you may have related to your search for accommodation. Please send us your individual search criteria and we will support you the best we can.

We can offer assistance with the following:

  • Information on different city districts and recommend suitable areas that match your search criteria
  • Apartment listings when available
  • Understanding specific abbreviations and vocabulary related to finding accommodation
  • Phrasing of a newspaper search ad and how to publish this
  • Further information on viewings and what documents you are required to bring with you
  • Further support if you are planning to buy a house/a flat
  • Information on shared flats

Please contact us at LMU Gateway for more information. In addition, feel free to ask for a list of specific vocabulary (German and English) containing the most important terms in this field.


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