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The Fundamentals of Effective Leadership

The workshop will introduce to you fundamental, theory-based principles of successful leadership and teamwork and will provide you with practical strategies. After an overview of the main theories and models of professional leadership, we analyze your role as a leader (e.g., your interaction with student assistants, diploma students or interns) and discuss strategies for improvement of your leadership skills. Finally, we develop viable strategies for an effective cooperation with your supervisor. You will have the opportunity to exchange views on your individual experiences and your individual concerns in a moderated and practice-oriented discussion.

Silke Weisweiler is head of the Center for Leadership and People Management, an through the excellence initiative funded institution at the LMU Munich focusing on personnel development activities for (senior) scientists. Silke studied psychology and pedagogy with receiving her doctoral degree from the University of Regensburg. She has a passion to combine research and practice. Therefore Silke completed her habilitation at the LMU on the one hand and also qualified herself as a business coach and mediator. The focus of her research and training activities are the areas of leadership, time management and career development. In addition Silke is co-founder of the Munich Center for Leadership GmbH. She is married and mother of two children.